What kind of body do you have?

There are so many skinny people and so many fat people.but,what is a thin person? a thin person is someone that is way too skinny and just can't gain any weight.

are YOU having issues with ur weight? take this quiz and you will see what kind of body you have.i hope you wonder what you will get.you never know what you will get.

Created by: Cocoagirl

  1. How many times do you eat a day?
  2. Do you ever get called fat?
  3. when you stand up what can you see?
  4. how much does your stomach stick out when you lift up your shirt?
  5. how much weight do you feel like you need to lose?
  6. what do you think you are?
  7. do you ever excersise or play outside?
  8. When your at a fitting room.and you try on jeans what happens?
  9. what number size do you wear for shirts or pants?
  10. do you think your fat? (be honest)

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Quiz topic: What kind of body do I have?