Are you skinny, average, chubby or fat?

There are a lot of people in the world, some are skinny, some are fat. I know a lot of people who are thin and think they are fat or viceversa, so I decided to create this quiz.

This quiz will answer the question: are you fat? Maybe you are skinny, maybe you are pudgy or even obese, and this quiz will tell you. Don't be discouraged by the answer! I am pudgy, and I am happy with my tummy, but you do you.

Created by: wakawaka
  1. What's your bmi? if you don't know then google it please.
  2. Do you know how much weigh have you gained last year? if you don't know make a guess.
  3. Do you have rolls while standing?
  4. Describe your belly while sitting.
  5. Do your legs touch?
  6. Can you see your ribs?
  7. After walking up a 30-step stair fast, how do you feel?
  8. How's your face?
  9. Shake your arm, what happens?
  10. Put your tighest shirt and, quick! Pull it up. What does your belly do?
  11. Compared to your friends, how fat are you?
  12. What is your waist measurment? (Put the measuring tape at the height ofyour belly button) (don't suck in)
  13. What is more likely your doctor would tell you when you weigh yourself?
  14. Put on pants that fitted you a year and a half ago. How do they fit?
  15. If you get depressed, what do you do?
  16. While you're changing for gym, you take off your shirt. A girl looks at you and speaks ┬┐what does she say?
  17. How many roll ups can you do in a minute?
  18. How many Kcal do you consume everyday? (Aprox)

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Quiz topic: Am I skinny, average, chubby or fat?