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  • I've been trying
    "@anastasia: dont worry i wasnt medling. me and my bestie didnt force them to do anything. me my bestie my friend & her now boyfriend and..."
  • I've been trying
    "And they finally started dating!!! im sooo happy me and my other frined have been trying to get them together since november, it took 7 mont..."
  • "theyre fake. They act all 'omg, couldnt live with you guys!' infront of eachother but all 'ew, shes annoying' behind eachothers backs right?..."
  • What am I supposed to do?
    "smile, even if its a fake one, it might help. listens to lots of up beat music and dance around to it then laugh at yourself"
  • grrrr
    "thanks guys!!!!!"
  • grrrr
    "thank you!!!!"
  • I..
    "I agree with Leah, you are having a difficult time in your life. Vege, i bet you are one of the prettiest people. Youre span"
  • Hi, so my friend,
    "@carri: thnx and i see what you mean, she is starting to move on."
  • Hi, so my friend,
    "no one what i can do? :("
  • Hey you... Yeah you
    "Hi, i just became a junior! :D"
  • grrrr
  • grrrr
    "AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! am i really harp? i havent checked i was taking a quiz series for the past like 3hrs! hahahah YAY!!!! :)"
  • "ill take it"
  • grrrr
    "i made a quiz!!!! please take it! im soooooo close to being a junior!!!"
  • grrrr
    "thnx guys!!!! im soooo close the bar is almost full!!!!!"

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