Beautiful Lies Part 5

WINNERS FROM FIRST GAME: Hungergamesluver, Bluemoon23, rosekat, angelic4, and x_rosebud_x. The answer was Catching Fire! Please don't cast your vote yet, wait for the end of the entire game. You can only win once!

@angelic4 had a very good idea for me to make two separate endings for Alex and Christofer. And although it's not in my plans, I might consider it. I'm just going to see how the game goes first, thanks!

Created by: Dannica
  1. ~ "Oh my gosh, where did she go?" April asked, freaking out. "What was that shadow thing? It looked like a Dementor from Harry Potter!" She was hyperventilating now, trying to slow her breaths. Ash tossed his tiny cube sword in his palm and tapped his foot on the ground. "Well they went that way," he said, pointing to the direction where _______ was dragged off. "That's obvious," Alex said sharply. Of all the people he was probably the most stressed out about the kidnapping. I mean, she was his girlfriend, Ash thought. Wasn't she? Gumbo was sniffing around, trying to pick up any scent that could help track the foolish girl down. If she listened to him then maybe they wouldn't be in his position. The lot didn't want to go wandering off into the unknown unless they knew for sure that that's where ______ was taken. Then he caught something. "Pixie dust," Gumbo muttered. He barked and then ran in the direction of the scent with the others right on his heel.
  2. "Who the hell are you?" I questioned Shadow. That's what he referred to, the Shadow. He had a name tag on. The Shadow's name is very self explanatory because that's just what he is: a shadow. He looked almost fog like, not real. He wore a tattered up black robe that looked more like a Snuggie. He didn't have a face. Where the face should be was just a cloud of black mist hovering about. It kind of reminded me of cotton candy if you really thought about it. "Do we have to go over this? I put a name tag on for a reason," Shadow replied, getting a tray from his kitchen cabinet. "I know your name is Shadow, but why are you doing this?" I asked again. "I'm not really allowed to tell you," Shadow said. "Do you want some cheese and crackers?" He set the tray down and put down a bunch of crackers and an assortment of cheese. What the hell is happening.
  3. "No, I'm good." If it weren't for the electric chair that I was strapped into, I probably wouldn't have felt all that scared. But I was. And I was absolutely terrified. "Actually can I have some Truffle cheese?" I asked. If I was going to die right now then I might as well have some fancy cheese before it happens. Shadow looked pleased and put some cheese on a cracker. I opened my mouth wide and he fed the cracker into my mouth. I know it sounds really weird, but the cheese is so worth it. "So are you going to kill me now?" I asked, my mouth still savoring the sharp taste of the cracker and cheese combination. "No, I'm waiting for Oath," Shadow replied. He turned on the stove and put a pot on. "How about some Ramen noodles? It's kind of cold out there, isn't it?" As much as I could use some Ramen noodles right now, I couldn't ignore the fact that Oath was coming.
  4. "Why are you waiting for him?" Shadow put water in the pot and let it simmer to a boil. "Because if I turn you in to him then I get unbanished from this stink hole and can live freely with my life." He covered his mouth with his bony hand. "Whoops." "So he told everybody about me?" I asked. Shadow chuckled. "There's a big bounty on you, sweetheart. Oath promised anything in return." I half smiled, amused at how gullible people are. "He's lying, you know." "They don't call him Oath for nothing, hon," Shadow said with a hint of a grin in his voice. "And if you try to escape or try anything at all then I'll shock you a little with my electrocution chair. I've never gotten to use it before and I'm quite eager to. Ugh, this water is taking forever. Maybe you'd like some cookies instead?"
  5. ~ "I should have remembered I put a scent on her," Ash thought aloud. "What do you mean by that?" Alex scoffed. "Relax. I made Jonathan put a tracking scent on the address of your school knowing she's pick it up so the scent can go on her so that I know where she is mostly. From my past experiences with her, she's bound to get into trouble." Alex, confused at first, still had trouble remembering that ______ used to know Ash, and Ash used to know her. And he was also still trying to override the fact that Christofer was her ex boyfriend. Of all the people, it had to be Christofer? "So then where is she?" Ash smirked. "Just follow Gumbo."
  6. Shadow offered me several types of cookies, from Oreos, Chips Ahoy, and Nilla. I refused since he didn't have any milk. You can't have those cookies without any milk. It's just not right. "So where's Oath?" I asked, looking for information I could gather. "Eager to die?" Shadow asked with a deep laugh. I cringed at the sound of it. "No, just wondering why he's taking so long if I'm so important." Shadow turned around from the pantry holding a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. He dug his bony hand in and shoved some in his face (which looked like it just went straight down his robe). "A trip from the Banished Provinces from the Underbelly takes quite a while, foolish girl." I tried keeping my excitement on the down low, but a tiny squeal of delight came out of my mouth. I cleared it roughly and said, "I know that. I mean, the Underbelly is pretty far. I kind of forgot though. Will you enlighten me?" Shadow stood for just a moment, facing towards me. Suddenly it felt all cold in the room, like somebody died.
  7. "It takes maybe 5 days from here to the Underbelly. Unless of course you find a wizard or somebody else to help you." Keep going, I told myself. This could be your only chance. "Isn't the Underbelly like, by the Square?" Shadow made a sighing noise and put the box of cereal back in the pantry. "It's somewhere underground. I'm not sure if it's by the Square or not, I haven't been there in so long. They change the entrance to it every 2 years so I'm not precisely exact on that either. They don't call it the Underbelly for nothing, hon." If there was any hope in me at all to start with, it all died out right at this moment. So the Underbelly is somewhere below us and I don't know where the entrance is or whether or not I'm going to live to find out. But even if I do live, Christofer doesn't have 5 days. My parents don't have 5 days. I'm wanted all over the Provinces now.
  8. ~ "Run!" April screamed. She was taking the back end of the group when she heard a chirp from behind her. She turned around to find a small, furry creature with big starry eyes, and a fluffy tail. It had blue tufts of hair on top of its head and an orange beak. "Huggy!" The thing said. It had a soft voice that April found adorably irresistible. She bent down and the thing repeated itself, wobbling its furry behind into April's arms. It wasn't until after the thing bit her that it occurred to her that the thing said "hungry" instead of "huggy". She screamed in agonizing pain as more of the blue Inferiors appeared in a cluster. And that's why now, everybody was running from the blue Inferiors that Gumbo called the truffles. "Keep running!" April shouted. "We're losing them!" Her arm was bleeding now from that stupid truffle that sunk its teeth into it. She gritted her teeth, not wanting the others to think of her as weak. She looked over her shoulder and saw that they were out of sight. Actually it was like they just poofed out. She slowed her pace and called the others to stop.
  9. Out of breath, Ash lifted his sword to his chest and grazed around with his eyes. "Form a circle and prepare for a truffle frenzy," Gumbo said. The circle formed, faces turned outwards. Everyone's shoulders were touching"”except Gumbo's with an exception. Alex sucked in his breath, preparing for the worst. What if something happened to her? If Oath got her...No. He couldn't afford to think that way. Not here, not now. He heard a rustle above his head where a tree branch was. He saw a blue blob hiding in some leaves. With his telekinesis, he shook the branch and the truffle fell out. It chirped a war cry, and then truffle after truffle after truffle started coming at him and the rest of the group. Ash multiplied himself, slicing any truffle that dared to challenge him, leaving them in the dust before they could even hit the ground. April made illusions, trying to get the truffles distracted while she squashed them with a boulder or a tree trunk. Gumbo on the other hand, was doing what dogs usually did: growling and snarling and actually biting the heads off of the truffles themselves. The leader of the clan, the one that bit April, chirped loudly for everyone to hear. For a second, all fighting stopped. The leader whistled and then all the truffles followed him back to wherever they came from. "They were actually quite scrumptious," Gumbo remarked, licking his lips.
  10. My legs were falling asleep and I had the sudden urge to chop them off. Shadow tried keeping me entertained while reading me some recipes from a Food Network cook book. I prayed in my head over and over that my colleagues would come and find me before Oath did. I hope Ash would have foreseen this coming and thought of a backup plan if it did"”which it did. I sat glumly in my chair. Then I heard a faint ringing noise coming from the back of the room. Shadow crossed it and came back holding a shiny, golden compass like looking compact. A Compor. "Where'd you get that?" I asked him. Shadow wiped the outer shell with his sleeve. "I bought it someplace in the Mortal World. Crappy thing it is. It doesn't have good reception at all." So it's not Mrs. Bonet's. Shadow opened it and tensed up. "Master Oath, how are you on this fine day?" I went rigid all over. I heard a voice coming from the mirror. "Doing well, Shadow. Do you have the girl?" The voice sounded like Lord Voldemort's. Then it occurred to me that Oath is the man in my previous dream. The one where I chopped his hand off. He probably hates me a lot. I can't blame him though. I mean, I took his hand. Shadow nodded vigorously. "Show me," Oath said in a cool tone. Shadow turned the mirror to me and I saw Oath's top half. He still looked the same, maybe a little older. His hair was still the same silver as the moon and he still had that nice guy look about him. Even though my hands were strapped to the chair, I managed to give him the finger.
  11. Oath smirked. "Well done, Shadow. It seems that my little princess hasn't learned her manners yet though." Shadow's hands were shaking slightly. Oath grinned while he lifted one of his fingers at me and pointed. He did a quick swish his index finger and then suddenly I felt like I've been hit with lightning. Electricity stroked through me, sending shocks of light everywhere. It felt like my skin was melting off of my bones. I shook and screamed in the chair, digging my nails into the arm rests. It must have looked like I was having an exorcism of some sort. I wriggled around, trying to break free, trying to get away from the pain, but I was planted firmly in the chair. "Stop it!" My heart was pounding faster and faster and my blood was zooming around in my body, going hot and then cold, and then hot again. I could hear Oath laughing in the background as I squeezed my eyes shut. "Please, stop!" Everything in my body was burning now. Instead of electricity, I felt fire. I pressed my eyes tighter, hoping that it would just stop the pain and I would wake up and this would be just another dream. But I knew that wouldn't happen. I felt my breath slipping away from my lungs. I snapped my eyes open. "I SAID STOP!" The mirror of the Compor erupted into millions of pieces as Oath's face faded away with a grin. Shadow was lurched back until he hit the door of the pantry.
  12. My breathing was heavy, and my heart rate was slowly going downhill. Hot tears were streaming down my face as I saw Ash breaking down the front door. I sobbed even harder when Alex whizzed past Ash and came running up to me. He unbound the ropes with his mind and rubbed my red wrists. He stroked my cheek with his hand and then pulled me into him in a massive hug. "Everything's going to be okay now," Ash said as he turned Shadow into dust particles. But everything was not okay. Because I broke the Compor. I flew Shadow backwards just like I did to the man with the strange tattoo. I didn't know how I did it, but I did. And I wasn't crying because I was happy, but scared. Because that voice a while ago"”when I screamed one last time to stop"”that voice was not mine. It came from my throat, my mouth, but it was not my voice.

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