Random questions!

Do you know or want to know random things? Becuase if either of those apply to you then you should take this quiz!!!!!! youll really enjoy it!!!!!!!!!

Do YOU know random things? Do you have the randomness to pass this quiz? Until know you were never sure. But since I made this quiz, you can find out!

Created by: luv98

  1. How many colors are in the rainbow?
  2. What colors are in the rainbow?
  3. Which continet is NOT on the equador?
  4. What is the most popular girl name in the world?
  5. How movie hrry potter movies are there?
  6. Is the shape of a valentines day heart the same shape as a human heart?
  7. If x = 5 then what does 3 + x equal?
  8. What 2 stores are owned by the same company?
  9. if george washinton owed a 1 floor house and everything in the house was white, what color are the stairs?
  10. Who is this quiz made by?

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