??Random questions??

this quiz is no where near about how smart you are its just what the name says random questions just a mixer. i found out about this threw a friend.i really really hope you enjoy it.and this quiz only has 12 questions thats only because this was my first time doing this so i got tired.

are you a silly person?do you laugh with your friends evey time you see them?do you love to laugh at randomness?because all those questions refer to me.if your one of the fun type of people.......then this is your quiz!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: $$makiah$$

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what kind of pet do you or would you want to have?
  2. are you.........
  3. what would you rather drink?
  4. what do you have most of?
  5. how old would you love to be?
  6. which name would you rather have?
  7. do you have a bf?
  8. do you have a gf?
  9. what color do you paint your nails?
  10. what your fav. movie
  11. what your fav. movie

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