A Random Question Quiz

There are only so many people out there that would know these random questions, if you don't know themj, that's just a little more you need to learn in schoolk.

All you need to do is pick the first answer that comes to your mind, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to answer most of these questions with ease, just try this questionair about stuff and see if you are the master of AWESOMENESS

Created by: Beth

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  1. Who discovered the Titanic after it sank?
  2. Is a tomato a fruit?
  3. Is Scrabble a board game or a type of pants?
  4. Do all phones have texting ability?
  5. Who invented the microscope?
  6. Is cotton a type of sucker, tree, or a niether
  7. Is writing the only way to talk to people without texting?
  8. What color stripes are on Spongebob's socks?
  9. How old is the man who discovered the Titanic?
  10. What is the real name of Sam from ICarly?

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