Are you as random as me?

So are you as random as me can you reach the ulitimate randomness like me hmm take this quiz and find out if your extermlly random like me :] to me this quiz is kinda fun...

so take my quiz and see how random you are and then rate and comment ya know tell me what you got and how random you are and if you liked my quiz :] wooo have funnish ^o^

Created by: Unknown Randomness

  1. So What would you like out of all of these?
  2. When I say banana you say....
  3. Did you know that I am a Mysterious Duck??
  4. 4x27=
  6. So what happens when the tator tot chases the crocadile?
  7. I was once a vampire that liked cupcakes ^o^ now i'm a magical mysterious duck
  8. La la la la la
  9. Who is the snakes best friend??
  10. OH Look a Fish!!
  11. Bye yo Hope you liked my randomness
  12. Ha did you think I was leavin??
  13. Well I am ^o^

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Quiz topic: Am I as random as me?