What Large Bird Are You? (For girls only, please!)

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Okay, in this quiz it's guessing what large bird shares your personality. You can get duck, crow, and red-tailed hawk. And don't worry, they're all good results.

(P.S. Also, I was running out of questions for a little while, so expect a couple random questions. I'm sorry for them, but oh well. They're added, and I can't change it. Sorry again!)

Created by: Hugsandkisses

  1. Hi! So, do you enjoy people?
  2. Do you have a preference of these birds?
  3. Do you have many friends?
  4. Would you rather live in a park with lots of people, on the mountains with no one, or over the sea with just your friends and family?
  5. If you were a bird, do you think you'd prefer fish and bread, or smaller rodents and birds and such to eat?
  6. Alright. Use Google Translator if you have to, but which of these Spanish sentences do you most agree with? (It's Spanish because everything sounds better in Spanish.)
  7. Pop quiz: What's Google Translate in Spanish? (I have to put ten questions and I'm running out of ideas. This has no effect on your score.)
  8. Do you rather flying or swimming or standing? (Does have an effect this time!)
  9. Alright. Well, I'll give you the answer to question seven in a minute, but in the meantime I just wanna tell you that this has no effect on your score.
  10. Last question! This has no effect. And if you read the paragraph after your result, you'll get the answer to Question #7. Got it? (P.S. Also this has no effect.)

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Quiz topic: What Large Bird am I? (For girls only, please!)