How Well Do You Know Amy???

Do YOU know ME, Amy??? For the majority of you, I'm guessing not. However, I'm sure the friends who are taking this do quite least I'd hope so. I guess it's time that we find out! Good luck guys and please share your results with me! :)

Me, just a small person in a very large world. The odds are, I haven't yet met you, but if I have, I hope you enjoy this quiz! It's humble and quite modest, however I'm sure you'll discover something new! :) Thanks - Amy

Created by: Amylia
  1. What are my initials?
  2. Which of the following is NOT a nickname of mine?
  3. What is my favorite color? (This one is easy.)
  4. When is my birthday?
  5. How old am I?
  6. Which country am I exchanging with this next year?
  7. Which state do I live in?
  8. What is my absolute favorite sport?
  9. Which part do I sing in Chamber?
  10. What grade am I almost done with?
  11. If I could go to a concert with three bands, which would be my first choice?
  12. What are my favorite numbers?
  13. What is my heritage?
  14. What is my school's mascot?
  15. Which restaurant would I eat at on any given day?
  16. What was my puppy's name?
  17. What religion am I?
  18. In which grade did I switch schools?
  19. Which musical did I act in last fall?
  20. How many siblings do I have?
  21. Which events did I compete in for track last year?
  22. Which have I NEVER been in?
  23. What topic did I give a speech on for forensics, earlier this spring?
  24. Which state have I NEVER been to?
  25. What was the profession of BOTH of my grandfathers?
  26. Which is my trademarked word?
  27. Which position do I play in soccer?
  28. What does "Amy" mean?
  29. Which is my favorite ice cream flavor?
  30. What instrument do I play?
  31. Where is my super special secret location?
  32. What happened on my last birthday?
  33. How tall am I?
  34. How many cousins do I have? (Including seconds cousins)
  35. Where was I serenaded (sang to)?
  36. Which holiday is my favorite?
  37. Which are my school colors?
  38. What color are my eyes?
  39. What is my favorite animal?
  40. How well do you think you know me???

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Amy???