The random quiz

This quiz is a bunch of random qustions words and more. Can you take this quiz? Or are you too chicken? This is what happens when i get board. I come up with a random quiz.

Can you handle the stress of taking this quiz? The randomness might make you explode! So please please take this quiz with extreme caution! I mean it! No i am lieing. Or am i?

Created by: evan
  1. This a a quiz of random stuff okay
  2. All of the questions randomly affect you
  3. Supercalafragalisiouexpealodousus
  4. have you ever choked on peanut butter? I have.
  5. nrenburufwerufyg
  6. Did you understand the last question?
  7. If you didn't i asked what is your favorite color?
  8. Are you hungry
  9. choose one
  10. Pick an activity
  11. Good bye
  12. It's not over untill the food is eaten
  13. What do you think is the best? (no effect)
  14. pick a number

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