if you want to take this quiz go ahead

This is no normal quiz this is a quiz of endurence endurence against random questions can you handle it. If you go through all the quiz you will get a rward unlike any other a random percent

Do people actually read these maybe some do but most probably do not so now i will write random words boy hair fish joke dumb radical zoo world granny

Created by: evan

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  1. are you board
  2. would you leave this quiz if i told you there was no point in taking it
  3. if you go on i am warning you the result is just a percent. Do you like chips
  4. if you are still here you must be board. what do you think a bout the obsession with movement
  5. the obsession with movement is what people do they can't stop moving they always want to get up an do things
  6. still here? do you know what the drunkness of tiredness feels like
  7. do you like this quiz
  8. do you like heat or cold
  9. do you hate that really good foods taste bad while bad foods taste good
  10. do you talk to your self
  11. do you like the color orange
  12. so you know i randomly picked how the answers affect you
  13. This is good bye i will miss you
  14. i lied
  15. do you like movies
  16. This is truely the final question so i guess this is good bye misss youuu

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