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THERE IS GOING TO BE A BATLLE. A huge and large battle but where will you stand when it comes, will you take the side of the Son or will you take the side of Torrent.

Dark or light? You must choose the side. Go ahead and take this quiz. It will only be a short time till the last one comes out so go ahead now!!!!!!!!

Created by: Kirsteen111
  1. Its been five days of drinking the river water and relaxing and playing. But you still feel a bit guilty of what you have done. So today you have decided to go to the Son and tell him what you feel like. "Son,.." You begin to say nervously. The son turns around and looks at you. You finish, "Im so sorry about what happened. Please forgive me.." You look into his eyes and see they are full of compassion. He smiles and says, "Then you are forgiven."
  2. You look around and see how beautiful the City of Light is.. "Will you help me?" The son asks. You reply, "Yes, what with?" The son then shows you to the edge of the Valley of Death. You shudder. This place brings bad memories
  3. "I want you to tell them about me.." The Son points inside the Valley of Death. You begin to shake, "BUt.. but i cant go in there!!" You remember the bad times
  4. The son looks at you with firm eyes, "I know you can do this. I will elp you with this gift," The son reaches out his hand and touches your forehead. You close your eyes.
  5. You open your eyes and are blown away. You can see through the Valley of Death!! It is just grey now, you can see through it. You see the humans.. there are so many there! You also look at the tree bark and the water but.. it isnt glowing.
  6. "I have opened your eyes. The Valley of Death no longer looks appealing. You will also be able to clearly see the threds and Torrent for what they really are. You will be able to tell when they are lying to you..." The son finishes. You remember only a few days earlier, when Torrent and the threds lied to you. They told you the water would not harm you but it did. It made you ugly,... good thing your hair grew back. And the Son healed your hands so you have all your fingers back.
  7. The Son looks like he has sad news and he looks at you very seriously, "____ I need to tell you something." You look at him closely and he hugs you tightly. "I want you to know that i love you and.." You laugh before he can finish talking, "I know you love me!!" But he isnt laughing with you. Then he says two words, "I'm leaving."
  8. "What?" you say and get a few steps away from him. He touches your cheek. "I am leaving to go work on the mansion with the Father." You sadly say, "Cant i go with you?" He looks sad, "No. I have to finish the mansion first. You must stay here and tell the humans about me." You both hug again and you cry a little. "I will be back at judgement day. Thats when the giant battle will start. We will get rid of the Valley of Death then.. Promise me. You will not forget about me." He touchs your hand and holds it in his. You say, "But.." The Son speaks again this time letting go of your hand and backing away. "Dont forget about me. Plz." You start walking closer to him but he starts to float into the air. "I wont!!" You yell to him and the next thing you know he is gone
  9. Meanwhile.. In the Valley of Death. Torrent stands up tall, "Minions you ust know whats happening." All the threds gather at once. "That human.. will try to take the other humans to the... " Torrent coughs, "The City of Life.." Just by saying it the threds and Torrent cover their ears and squeel. Torrent gets very angry, "TEMPT HER! MAKE HER WANT TO COME BACK T THE VALLEY OF DEATH AND DONT LET ANY HUMAN LEAVE!! IF YOU FAIL I WILL KILL YOU!" The threds started going into a riot. Then Torrent yelled over them, "There will be a battle.." That made the threds silence
  10. "I dont know when the battle when come but, we must be ready to defend the Valley of Death. We will protect ourselves using deception.." He hissed and all the threds laughed.
  11. You go to the edge of the Valley of Death. You see Jill walking by.. You call to her, "Jill!!" She turns but she cant see you. You call her again, "Its____!!" Jill then yells, "_____? Where are you?!" You answer, "Im in the City of Light Come and Join me!!" Jill hisses loudly, "I hate the light! And besides i love this place too much!" With that Jill ran off. This will be harder than i thought..
  12. The next day you wake up refreshed and ready to try again. You stand at the edge of the Valley of Death and call out, "Jill!!" But this time she doesnt reply. She ignores you. You try calling Kevin. "Kevin its _____! Im in the City of Light join me!" Kevin just laughs and keeps walking. You try talking to this little girl edging toward the end of the Valley of Death. You speak to her, "Come join me little girl!" But the girl doesnt look happy and she has a knife made out of wood. She comes closer to the edge and covers her eyes, she obviously must see perts of the light. She then throws the knife at you!! You notice how once the knife left the Valley of death it vaporized. The girl screams in anger and goes back into the Valley of Death
  13. The next day you do the same thing. you call out to the people and they ignore you. You keep doing this for over... a year
  14. Yes day after day, you keep going over there and calling out. You also have some fun though too. You have been good friends with the tiger, T. and with several other animals. Sometimes you even visit gravity hill!
  15. Today was going to be different though, even though you didnt know it at the time. You walked to the edge of the Valley of Death but instead of calling out you walked into it. This time with confidence. You walked straight up to Jill who was crying. She was lying down in the ash.
  16. "Jill whats wrong?" Jill opened her eyes and saw you but she quickly covered her eyes, and she yelled, "Your so bright!" Then you smile. "Jill come with me, you can be bright too!" Jill started crying even more, "I have done everything there is to do, _____. I have been in that cursed water, i amost died but then Torrent brought me out and said that he wont let me die because he wants to torture me. Then he clawed me and told me i was worthless. I am so SICK OF THIS LIFE! I HATE IT!!" You pat her shoulder and tell her, "There is no suffering in th City of Light. And there people love you." Jill looked at you and said, "I want to go there...
  17. You and Jill walk back to the City of Life. And that was just the start. You kept bringing people in. With the help from Jill. And you kept doing this for years and years and years. Everyone who went to the City of Life then turned around and helped even more people come. Pretty soon it was a true city. Lots of people and houses and children adn animals. And none of you got old because you drank the river water and it kept you young. And you kept the story of the Son and the Father alive. You told them all what it felt like to be loved so strongly. With a love that was different. it was more than just love.
  18. But year after year you waited for the Son and no one came. You felt alone sometimes and called to him but he didnt show up. Instead you would just feel som,ething in your heart saying he will come. And you kept on and kept on believing.
  19. But then the day came, when you had almost forgotten about the return of the son, it was... two thousand years later. Literally, it was a very long long time until the day came when... when he returned.. Which side are you on. You must choose!!

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