Ok this quiz is really weird and random and stuff but I know the first question said read the destriction but you don't have to :/ blah blah blah this quiz...

blah blah blah this quiz was random and might not make you less bored but maybe it will and it will even if you don't think it will make you less bored you should still take it and pass some of your time up :/

Created by: Unknown Randomness
  2. DiD Ya?
  3. Ok I Know what its like being bored your not the only one thats bored!
  4. wouldnt it be awesome if you had an arcade, rollerhaven,a pool,a bowling thingy and all that stuff in your house !!!??
  5. wooooooo woooooo
  6. Ok I know this quiz is kinda boring but im tryin to think of something ps. Dont leave me any mean comments like this one girl did in my first TAKE THIS QUIZ IF YOUR BORED!
  7. What if you had an elephant as a pet and you named him spikey??
  8. Did you see that apple that just flew past your head??
  9. I am very Random are you?
  10. This Quiz makes NO since I know I stared it like five months ago and just got back to it because I had forgot about so its a little off
  11. Choose your fav face

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Quiz topic: TAKE THIS QUIZ IF my BORED 2!