Confessions Part 8 The Finalie!!!!!

PLEASE READ!!!!!!! Ok so,this is the very last confessions part!!! So,after this one,I'm gonna make another series. So ya. Oh ya blah blah blah your so......

Hipnatising could you be the devil could you be an angel! Srry I'm listing ti E.T. so my next quiz will be about vamps and wolfs. I just HAVE 2. Idk why.

Created by: tiggerluvsya3315

  1. Recap: crystal embarrest you in front of the whole school. You ran home crying.
  2. Todays homecoming! You walk to school feeling like a loser. For the last few days,you have been made fun of and everything. You promised Angelica you would go to the game to help cheer on her brother and Jackson. You will NOT cheer for Colton. When you get to school, you see Angelica and Jackson making out. They desided to not keep their love secret. You brush past them and someone grabs you shoulder.
  3. You turn around and its Justin. "Hey you still comin to the game?" He asks. "Ya. Angelicas making me. Its not cool." "So you don't want to cheer me on?" "I never said that." "Suuuure." He says jokingly. You laugh and you walk to first period with people making fun of you. You can't take it. You feel worthless now. Your aunt and unlce are barley home now and you have to deal with everyone making fun of you. It sucks. You don't even wanna go to the game. When you get to first period, you sit next to Angelica and start finishing he last page of the packet. Mostly everyone is still in the middle but all you and Colton do is not talk and work.
  4. At lunch, you were sitting across from Angelica and she was talking and homecoming when someone drops something on your head. You turn around and its a jock. "Oops sorry." He says. Everyone laughs. Then Crystal comes and throws chilli in your face. "Oh I'm so sorry." Then. Another guy come and smaches something in your back. Everyone laughs and you start to cry. You go running out and into the bathroom. You cry what seems like hours and the bell rings. You here someone come in and opens the stal door. Its the vice princabal and Angelica. "Come with me sweetie we will get you mew cloths. You stand up and walk to the office. You see Colton looking at you like your slowly dieing. Which you are in the inside.
  5. *Coltons thoughts in the lunch scene* I can't believe they are doing this. I still have feelings for her and I love her. Watching her getting hurt is like the world ending. Where did she go? I need to talk to her. She must be in the bathroom. Oh there she is. With the vice and Angelica. I can't stand to look at her like that. She looks at me like I'm killing her. Slowly. Her desperate blue eyes,her beutiful brown hair. Kaitlyn Ann Boyle. Must get to class.
  6. After school, you walk home thinking what to do at the game. You had the perfect plan. When you get to school,you don't see Angelica so you walk in the boys locker room. You walk past all the guys and they are either covering up or they are whistling. You see Colton sitting down. Yoou walk up to him and he's looking at you. "You know Colton? I really liked you. I wasn't like the other girls falling for your looks. Ya your cute but I fell for the real you. The one that's caring and sweet. Not kissing another girl and thinking you could get away with it. I thought I could trust you but instead you bacame a player and a cheeter. And why did you hire your football buddies to throw food at me? You play with fire,you get burned." All the guys are like 'you just got burned by a girl' and stuff.
  7. You walk out and saw Angelica. You told her what happend and she said that Crystal started it. You felt a little bad but you really didn't care. You go to the stands and you sit down. You see the guys come running out and doing the thing. They start playing and soon the cheerleaders start cheering Coltons name at half time. "Angelica I'm gonna go. I can't take it." She gives you a hug and you walk out and Angelica textes someone. You look down and you see Colton looking at you. You start waking away when someone grabs you by the arm and you look over. Its Colton he looks at you and he kisses you. He kisses you passionatly. He stops and says "I love you. Will you go to homecoming with me?" You nod and kiss him again. You hear a buzz and the wildcats won! Then it starts raining. You kiss him again. You tell him bye and you ho with Angelica to her house to change.
  8. Your wearing a blue silk gown with strait down in the middle are blue sparcles. You wear blue heals and wear a light pink lipstick and put blue eyeshadow with sparcle powder you put on your face. You wear your hair curly. You look beautiful. Angelica is wearing a red mini dress with red pumps and red lipstick and red eyeshadow. She has her hair in a beautiful bun with a red flower iin it. You hear honking and you see Colton and Jackson. You smile and you tell Angelica let's go. You come outside and Coltons eyes get big and his mouth drops. You go over and hug him. "You look s-s-s-s-o-s-o-so beautiful.", he says. "Aww thanks." You say. You get in the limo and you drive to school.
  9. You have so much fun at homecoming! You and Colton takes pictures of cousre but you two dance and laugh and have fun. You see Crystal and foes up to you guys. "So Kaitlyn uh I heard your dating Colton and I just wanna let you know its not over." She says. You roll your eyes and she walks away.
  10. You look back into Coltons eyes and he startes into yours. Everything dissapeas. He bends down and kisses you. You keep kissing him and you stop. You look into his eyes one last time and smile. You smile and you kiss him.
  11. Well everyone this is the last! I hope you enjoyed this and I will make a new series after this. Idk what I'm gonna call it so hold on!

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