Test Your Random Knowledge

There are a lot of people with useless information. Do you have any useless information in your mind? Well test out just how random you really are with this quick and easy test!

Don't worry, I promise it's completely painless, well almost. By just answering a few simple questions you desiphered whether you were random or not so much....

Created by: Hannah

  1. What is the brightest color in a crayon box?
  2. Does Little Red Riding Hood get eaten by the wolf in the original tale?
  3. What was the moral or lesson in the story of Shrek 1?
  4. What child cartoon character teaches the watchers a different language?
  5. Which Baby Girl Name Was Most Popular In 2000?
  6. What 3 colors do Labrador Retrivers come in?(((TRICK QUESTION)))....or is it????
  7. What is the 20th letter in the french alphabet?(NO LOOKING IT UP!!)
  8. How Many Letters Are In The Alphabet?(Dont Count)
  9. What Is My Favorite Color?
  10. What Is My Name?
  11. Who is the comedian in the Muppets?

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Quiz topic: Test my Random Knowledge