Random Bowser Facts

This quiz is to test your knowledge on the great and mighty king, Bowser Koopa. He has many different faces and origins that it's hard to keep track!!

Lets see just how much you know about Bowser. This quiz covers no specific category of knowledge relating to him so be prepared for anything. Good Luck.

Created by: Neon

  1. What inspired Bowser's Japanese name?
  2. How many spikes does Bowser have on his shell?
  3. What do Bowser's call him in the TV show?
  4. What do Bowser's kids call him in the TV show?
  5. In How to Draw Nintendo Heroes And Villains, Bowser was incorrectly named what?
  6. Bowser once stared in his own show. What was it called?
  7. In his Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels official art, there is an error in his design. What is it?
  8. Bowser was married to Peach in what game?
  9. What is Bowser's nickname for Luigi?
  10. True or False: Super Mario 64 was the first appearance in any Mario media that Bowser was defeated by pulling his tail.

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