Bowser Castle Survival

Bowser is Mario's Arch Enemy. Bowser has his own Castle as well but it is Dangerous. In the Game "Mario is Missing" Bowser's Castle was set in Antarctica. This Paragraph can help you in this quiz.

Could you survive a dangerous Castle full of Bowser's Minions and Traps? Find out in 5 minutes and be sure to take my less successful Quiz: The Quiz of Doom.

Created by: timothy4444
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  1. How many hours of sleep do you have?
  2. Who would you rescue out of these?
  3. Which Animal do you pick to help you?
  4. What Clothes do you wear?
  5. As your Escaping with the person/animal you picked in Question 4 & 5 you see a bunch of Items on the Floor and you can only Take One. Which one do you get?
  6. There are 2 doors you can take in front of you. The Person/Animal you picked in Q4 goes in Door 1. The Animal you picked for Q5 goes in Door 2. Which door do you take?
  7. If you picked Door 2 You realise its a Trap Door to Lava and Die. If you picked Door 1 You and the person you picked in Question 4 are now Outside. Which way do you go?
  8. How many Mario Games have you played?
  9. What's your style
  10. You now have to get out of Bowser's Castle which is located in the Real World? Which item would be the best?
  11. Are you Evil?

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