Will YOU Survive

Are you a geniuses in the art of survival?I got a test that will ask you many questions on what to do if you ever get in such a dangerous situation that people are eating each other.

Are you a survival or another dead soul soon to be eating others?In this test i will be asking you many questions to test your suvival skills and your wits.

Created by: Jacob H.
  1. This is onll a zombie survival quiz so sorry if you expected something different sorry.
  2. Do you have any ideas or plans in case of a zombie attack?
  3. What weapons do u own?
  4. How far away are u away from the weapons?
  5. Do you have any "zombie survival kits" or "natural disaster kits" ready
  6. Are you on any medication
  7. Do you easily get sick
  8. Where do you live
  9. Do you get sad easily
  10. Do you get mad easily
  11. What would be your job in a clan or group or raiders?
  12. [Sneak Question]If you were at a concert or club or one of your favorite places and you got kicked out you would......
  13. Ok say you are driving and up ahead and there is a road block LOOKS adbandoned and you could move it but that would waste time and sound to your left theres a bridge up to a highway that probly has a lot of cars and people to your left there is a street with houses and military trucks and a sign at both ends of it that says quraintine zone and behind you is the way you came and a quite distant 5 to 10 mob of zombies that are getting mad and tired of chasing you down[Warning your car is near emptyand you cant carry all that you brought]
  14. Is there any large impotant places near you such as large banks,schools,police stations,etc
  15. If you saw a small group of people fighting of 5 to 15 zombies would you help them?
  16. It is turning dark and you hear things behind you but you cant see them.
  17. [Math]If you have 3 gallons of water and 2 jars of food and you drink 3 quarts then how much left do you have?
  18. Do you have a tv or radio?
  19. How long can you run or how good are you at running?
  20. How strong are you?
  21. [Math]9 times 9 divided by 0 plus 600 minus 400 times 80 then minus 1000 then the anwaser times itself equals?
  22. You see a man with a Mustang 500 and a bag full of weapon and he is mapping out something on his GPS and his map.He does not see you yet and his back is turned.
  23. If your best friend or family member was a zombie or about to be turned into a zombie you would.....

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Quiz topic: Will I Survive