Are you from New Castle?

This quiz is to determine how much of you is from New Castle, PA. It has a few slang questions, as well as areal (sp?) questions. It might serve you well to look up New Castle on the internet (make sure you put PA or you'll get England!).

I was motivated to do this quiz because there are no quizes out about my hometown, and frankly, its a fun little place to live. Where else can you play "war" as a bunch of teenagers, with airsoft guns (bb guns that use plastic bb's instead of metal ones) in a burrough? no where. Where else can you fight about who has the best pizza, eat at your least favorite place and still not be turned? no where.

Created by: Mandy

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  1. What does "Ret-up" mean?
  2. Which is correct?
  3. What does chuchy mean?
  4. Jyeet, Jyew and Jyinz are what?
  5. What is a pierogi?
  6. If you go to Laurel, more than likely you are what?
  7. Those who live in New Wilmington are related to, know, live next to, or do business with...?
  8. Who are Joseph and Ralph?
  9. On the EEside of New Castle you will find what?
  10. What is May's
  11. Who has better food
  12. What type of food does mary's serve?
  13. At this restaurant, you will find gyros, subs, the best hotdog chili in america, cheesesteaks, fried mushrooms, and salads of all kinds, along with other foods...
  14. what nationality are the owner's of bill's
  15. Mahoningtown, Volant, Harlansburg, and Pulaski are all what?
  16. Who has better pizza?
  17. If you go to Neshannock, than your daddy must be...
  18. It's 40ð outside and you're wearing

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Quiz topic: Am I from New Castle?