What vera bradley bag should you get?

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There are alot of vera bradlet bags to choose from so this quuiz will help you narrow down your choices on which one to get :) and remember: when your dont taking this quiz go to www. vera bradley .com (no spaces though) to see what the bag looks like

Do YOU want a vera bradley bag? but you cant choose which one ot get? well this quiz has all your answers!!!!! so by taking this quiz you'll have a pretty good idea of what bag to get

Created by: luv98

  1. what type of bag do you like?
  2. what would you do with this bag?
  3. When picking something out, are you okay with a small amount of color choses or do you want alot?
  4. have you ever bought anything vera bradley?
  5. What kind of design do you want?
  6. What kind of person are you?
  7. Do you plan on going places with this bag?
  8. what type of strap do you want?
  9. what type of person are you?
  10. are you going to take of the bag if you get it?

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Quiz topic: What vera bradley bag should I get?