love story (part4)

last quiz you had just been interupted from your almost kiss with kyle to be picked up by cops because a war has broken out and Bradley's parents work for the government. So now your stuck with him going somewhere with cops.

last quiz jeff was still being a jerk but then you received a note from him apologizing. bionca wanted you to go over to her house on saturday but things look like that may be canceled. Your terrified but kinda happy your with Bradley because you too are so close now.

Created by: heather sutton (xxemo vampires

  1. After listening to the explanation that the officer is giving you go into shock. The only information you are grasping is: 1. Bradley's parents are government officials 2. a war has broke out with some small country in africa. and they are being supported by China 3. they are after Bradley's parents 4. Bradely and anyone associated with Bradely are in deep s---
  2. You fall aasleep and wake up 2 hours later just as you are pullling into a driveway. You say, "where are we?" the cops say "the neasrest witness protection program agency"
  3. you get out silently and Bradely takes your hand as you walk up to the doors of the building. It looks just like any other house on the street. When you get inside you look around and see a regular sitting room and kitchen. The cops lead you to the back part of the house where all the equiptment is located. There was T.V. monitoring systems. about 30 computers and rooms full of filing cabnents.
  4. "you will be staying the night here and then we will decide what to do with you. First off we are going to start paper work and come up with a plan."
  5. The plan was decided as you would first stay here. And then tomaro you would leave and go to a better secured agency. They couldn't just relocate you 2 because of the fact that you 2 were such high risk. "wait! Why am I in danger?" you ask. the cops reply "because you are known to be close with Bradley here...and the parents said that Bradley is in love with you."
  6. "OH MY GAWD! YOU LOVE ME?!" you turn to look at him and you are in complete shock. "Not exactly the way I wanted to tell you" he mumbles. "anyways" the cop continues," you are in danger because the enemies have spies here. We confirmed that about 20 minutes before kicking in your door. Which we apologize for any damage done"
  7. "well the upstairs is reserved for our refugees. And we have none right now so you guys pretty much have free reign up there right now. Well...there is one but it's someone you know."
  8. You and Bradley walk upstairs. It's like a whole another hous up there. There is a kitchen. 5 bedrooms with there own bathrooms. Each room has a bunk bed in it. Bradley says," well you could have your own room. However i wouldn't mind if you wanted to share. I don't know how scared you are." he looks at eyes that show bith genuine concern and just a little bit of mischeif,
  9. Before you can answer, you hear someone come behind you and say "hi. Whats up?" you spin around to see Jeff and you smile and say "wow your being nice!! AMAZING!!" and turn away from him.
  10. Bradley looks at you and says, "we all need to forget about what happened. The situation has changed.We need to decide what we are going to do. We all need to be freinds" you are still mad but agree. Jeff nodds and apologizes. You look at the clock and it's 2 in the morning. The boys look too and then say they are retiring to their rooms. You decide that your to shaken to sleep so you go to sit in the sitting room and watch t.v.
  11. You sit there pondering and thinking about how complex you rlife just got. Then you hear 2 people walk in. One of them is cody and the other one you have never met.
  12. they walk over and the boy you dont know sits on the arm of the couch on which your seated. Cody sits down in an over stuffed chair to your right. "hi my name is Kyle" the other one began," I am going to be your official protector. I'm glad your still up so I have an opportunity to meet you before you have to leave with me tomaro." you are shocked. The boy is a couple years older than you and is gorgeous. A welcoming grin and looked as if he could laugh easily but choose not to. He was brooding, dark and looked like he was very complex.
  13. "are you Bradley's protector too?" you ask. he laughs "no thats what Cody is for" he explains. "oh ok. Hey can you explain the plan to me again. I was kinda in shock earlier and..." you trail off getting lost in his hazel eyes. "of course. The plan is to move you to a high security head quarters out in a little town in Kentucky. you and bradley and me and cody are going to live there for the time being." he explains being very cautious with his tone of voice seeing that your distraught still.
  14. "what about my parents?" you ask. They have been notified that the government has taken you and explained why. They wont no where you are nor will you have any contact what so ever. Except for that they can write you a letter which will then be given to an official but they only can do that once. Don't worry though you will be able to be informed if there are any emergencies. The officials will have contact with your parents." you start to look like your going to cry and you suddenly feel very tired. Kyle notices, "i think you should head to bed. Don't worry we'll protect you." "okay one last question. How long have you been protecting Brad for, cody?" he laughs "since the beggining of the year. now go get some rest _____." he stands up and gives you a hug and kisses you on top of the head. You blush and turn to head to bed and you say goodnight to Kyle and he smiles and nods.
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