Once: A Chance Part 5

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Okay hey everybody... sorry I was so late getting this out. I've just been really busy. And I hope this one wasn't too boring. I'm trying to come up with some new stuff. :)Thanks.

Okay so Mike and James are werewolves? Or is Mike something more? Why don't Ian and Mike get along? Why is your life so complicated? Find out now!! :)

Created by: alyk4321
  1. Monday. I am now getting tired of finding out different things that I haven't known. Things that aren't mine to know, but yet it is happening anyway. You write in your diary.
  2. You walk into Mr. Ligby's room. You see Mike, sitting in his normal seat. He glances up at you, but only for a short moment. You walk towards him, then sit at a different table. "_______, I-" "Okay, class has started," Mr. Ligby cuts him off. He starts his lesson for the day. Just then the principle knocks on the door. "Mr. Ligby, sorry to interupt, but we have a new student joining today." he motions the student in. "This is Isabella Vercetti. She just moved here from Italy. She's still learning english, so please, take it easy on her." he says jokingly. "It's very nice to meet you, Isabella!" "Please, call me Bella." she says in her Italian accent. "Let's see, there is an empty seat next to Mike. As usual." The class laughs. She goes and sits next to Mike. She smiles at him but he only looks at you with a longing look as if it was saying, 'Please, just let me explain.'
  3. At lunch you see Mark, and decide to go sit with him. "Hey," you say. "Mind if I sit here?" He looked up and when he saw it was you he smiled. "Of course!" "I feel like your the only normal person in my life right now." "What do you mean?" "Oh, nothing. It's just, I've been finding out a lot of weird stuff." "Like what?" he asks looking a little worried. "Well for starters, two of my friends are werewolves!" He gives you a look. "Werewolves, ha ha that's pretty funny..." he was looking really worried now. "Mark, are you feeling okay?" "Yeah, sure I'm fine. But I gotta go." He gets up and leaves. That was strange. You think.
  4. Just then Mike walks up to you. "_________, just let me explain, please!" You give him a look, then give up. "So your a werewolf. How do you explain that?" "I don't exactly, it's kind of hard to explain if you ask me." "Really? How about just saying, 'I'm a werewolf' before you ask someone out on a date!" You whispers were getting louder now. "Shhh!" he says. "I guess if you want to take that route, I should probably tell you that I'm not just a werewolf. I'm a shapeshifter." "A shapeshifter? What, so, you can like turn into different animals and stuff?" "Not just animals, people too. If I see a person, or a animal, I can change into them. Cool, isn't it?" "Cool? Are you serious?" His smile faded in the tone of your voice. "I thought you would understand. Just like you did with Ian telling you his little secret." "Wait, how do you know about that?" "We all do. All of our kind. You should stay away from him." "But he's been telling me to stay away from you!" "Me? My father isn't Hades! I would never, ever hurt you, _______. But Ian, Ian might." "But, but he's here to protect me!" "Oh, please. You can't trust him, ________! If there's one thing he loves to do it's LIE! Please, just don't hand out with him anymore. I can't bear the thought of you getting hurt." "I'm sorry." you say. "I really like you, a lot," He smiles a cute smile. "But, I can't believe you. " His smile disappears once again. "Fine. But if he hurts you, he'll have me to talk to." He storms off.
  5. You see James in line. You feel like confronting him, but decide to let it go. He follows after you. "________," "Okay, look. I know I haven't known you for very long, so it's not really any of my buisness. I get that your a werewolf and everything, but if you just moved here, how do you know Mike?" "I had known him longer than just these past few days. I-I've known him for a couple years actually." "Years?" You go and sit down at a table. "Yeah. We uh- we're sort of apart of this 'clan' thing." "What kind of clan?" "It's kind of for, superhumans. Or, in my case, werewolves." "So, you're like, heros? Like spiderman and all those others?" "Well, we try and help people the best we can." "Are they're more of you? How did you become what you did? Is there a supervillian clan?" "________! Slow down! I can't answer so many questions at once!" "Than just answer this one: Why are your eyes glowing bright orange?" "What? No, not here, not now!" He got up very quickly and started out the cafateria doors. "What's happening?" you ask him. "_________," get away. Your both outside now. "Why?" "Just get away!" "Are you transforming? I've seen you transform before, you won't hurt me." "But sometimes- I- can't-" he fell to his knees. "Control it! Run! Now! Please!"
  6. You start running but he has already transformed. He is now chasing after you and you decided that it is probably a good idea to hide. You hide behind a bush and then fuss at yourself over the horrible mistake. "A bush? He's taller than the bush- he's bigger than the bush!" Just then you hear a low pitched growl coming up from behind you. Please, please, please, don't see me. You think. You look slightly to your left and see a giant nose right next to your face.
  7. Just when you thought, 'All hope is lost,' you hear someone yell, "James!" The giant wolf then turns his head toward the one who had called it. Once he is a good distance away you peek over the bush to see Mike. "______, stay back! I have to talk to him!" You stay back, but move to the edge of your hiding place so you can see what is going on. "Here James, just drink this." He pours a purple liquid into a dish and places it on the ground in front of the wolf. He drinks it. Slowly he turns back into a human. He just sits there on the ground, looking down in shame. "I'm- I'm sorry, Mike, I- you know I never ment to-" "I understand." Mike says coming toward you. You get up from the bush and hug him. "Why did he do that?" you ask looking at him. "I'm so sorry, _______. I should have warned you. Recently, James has just had these, 'outbursts.' We don't know what's causing it yet, but we have to find out soon..." He looks at you. "I'm so happy you wern't hurt." "Me too." Then you hear someone behind you. "I shoud have known it was you!" Ian. This isn't good. He took Mike and pushed him up against the wall of the school. "I told you to leave her alone!" "Ian stop!" you say running towards him. "Stop! He was just trying to help!" He hesitated, but then sighed and let go of Mike. "It can't come that close. Okay, _________? I have to keep you safe." "He was trying to keep me safe too! He was protecting me!" "Okay." He looked at Mike. "Thanks. But that's my job. Let's go." Mike grabs your hand. "And there will be none of that either!" Ian says taking hold of your hand. "Ian!" "Look, _______. I can't always protect you when he's around." Mike walked towards Ian and it looked as if a fight was about to start.
  8. About this time you were wondering, why wern't any people coming outside? Any students? Or teachers? Or people driving down the street? Then you see Mark walk outside of the school. Oh, great. You think. "Mark, I-" "He knows." James says. He was coming towards you but you backed up a couple inches. "I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to," "It's okay. I know you can't control it, so, it's not your fault." "Thanks. But please, for the love of God, when you see my eyes do that, or when I tell you to run, run!" "Don't worry, I will!" "So, how does Mark know?" "I'm one of them." Mark says walking up to us. "What, so you turn into something to?" "Well, no. I can freeze time." "Wha- what, really? Oh my- that is so cool! Wait, so that's why people haven't realized what's going on out here?" "Pretty much!" "But, how are we still 'unfrozen' or whatever?" I can choose people that I don't want time to stop with my mind." You were going to say something else but Ian and Mike got your attention. "You think just because you're all 'tough boy' means that you can boss me around? I was helping you by protecting her." "I don't need your help! It is for me to do!" "Oh, yeah? Well if I hadn't have been here than she could be DEAD right now. Think about that!" Then Mike walked away with James and Mark following. All of a sudden, you could hear the birds again and see people walking down the street. Ian just stood there. "I'm taking you home." He said. "But-" "Now." You follow, but not wanting to. You pull into your driveway, thank Ian, and go inside. Your in the kitchen getting out your books to study for an upcoming test and you notice something across the street. Someone new's moving in. You look closer and see the new girl from school; Isabella. That's strange. You think. I don't remember the Jones' moving out. You study for a little while then when your dad gets home you say hi, then go up to your room and go to bed.
  9. Around 7:30, your hear a tapping sound on your window. You get up to take a look. It's a white dove with a rose in it's beak. You open the window. It flies inside and lands on the ground. Then in the blink of ans eye it changes to Mike. "A dove," you say. "Nice." He hands you the rose. "Fresh from your front yard." "My favorite." you say. "I guess I just wanted to apologize for what happened earlier. It was totally my fault." "No, it wasn't. Ian can just be a little... overprotective." "A little?" You laugh. "I can see why. You are beautiful, you know." You just smile. He leans in for a kiss but you get up. "Okay. If you don't mind I'm going to get some sleep." "Yeah, of course. Ha ha. Okay, see ya later." He flies out just as he did before. And you go to sleep.
  11. Who do you like?

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