Would I date you? (Guys Only)

This is a random quiz I just wanted to make.. it's not that serious. I hope you like it though! I don't know what else to put so really thanks so much for taking it.

Do you think I would date you? Take this quiz and find out! Yep Do you like school? I don't. Haha okay why are you still reading this just take it already!

Created by: alyk4321

  1. How old are you?
  2. Do you play sports?
  3. When your on a date do you find yourself checking out other girls?
  4. Do you like girls with blue eyes?
  5. Do you like music?
  6. Are you a Christian?
  7. Would you date one?
  8. Do you like people singing a lot?
  9. How is your hair?
  10. Pick one word that discribes you:
  11. Do have an accent?
  12. Bye

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