Are You in the Friend Zone? (guys Only)

The Friend zone is when you really like a girl and want to date her but she rejects you claiming she wants to remain "Just friends..." are you in the friend zone? Find out by taking this quiz!

I made this quiz because I was bored so It may or may not be accurate!! Hope you enjoy and this is mainly for guys but I guess girls can take it too...

Created by: Quinntessia
  1. How often does she talk about other guys likes with you?
  2. Does she often talk to you about her personal problems?
  3. If you call her up, and find that she's had a bad day, do you...
  4. How often do you talk about your personal issues with her?
  5. How often do you see her?
  6. When she's fishing for compliments, do you...
  7. When was the last time you told her how smart/pretty/funny/great/etc she is?
  8. How physical are you with her?
  9. Have you ever offered to do her a favor, that would inconvenience you but really benefit her?
  10. As far as relationships go, you've told her that...

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Quiz topic: Am I in the Friend Zone? (guys Only)