Guys are unpredictable. You may think they like you but they hate you. They may say they hate you but love you! With guys you just can never be sure.

Does he like you?? Does he think about you day and night?? does he daydream about your first date, and your first kiss? After you take this 100% correct quiz, you will know.

Created by: Princess Bigfoot

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  1. Do you catch him staring at you?
  2. Do his friends act wierd around you?
  3. Who starts conversations?
  4. Have you ever...
  5. Has he ever complimented you in any way?
  6. What would he most likely say to you?
  7. Do his friends say he likes you?
  8. Situation questions for 11 and 12. this does not affect score. or does it...
  9. Lets say your school has recess. in the gym your playing 4square he's playing basketball. Would he...
  10. You sit next to him in math class. He would say..
  11. Which would his friend do if you were talking after school and he saw ya
  12. another situation question. if you were dared to hug him, and he knew he would...

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