Midnight Love (Part 12)

Hey guys what's going on I hope you like the story and I hate this book for wanting so many characters I wish it could just die already come on now on oh bye.

So how is your life doing better then mine I hope so but come on finish I am suppose to be taking a math quiz right now but instead I am doing this on a iPad.

Created by: Beautiful Games

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  1. I went to my room and laid down in the middle thinking that life is a good thing but death seems more peaceful. *Knock,Knock* "Than?" Piyali said. "Come in Piyali" I said while sitting up. Piyali had on a black shirt with a bleeding rose in the middle of it and had on white capris with black flats on and her hair was in a ponytail. "Is everything oksy with you Than?" Piyali asked. "Yes of course why wouldn't things be Piyali?" I said. I should just not tell any of them so they won't be hurt too bad I hope.
  2. "Just curious Ethan is doing something but he would tell me so here I am." Piyali said with a half smile. "What do you think he is doing? I asked. "Something important?" Piyali said. "I just remember I need to ask Sitara something so Piyali let me talk to her then we can hang out okay?" I said. "Sure Bye Than." Piyali leaving my room. I then walked to Sitara's room & knocked 3 times. "May I come in please?" I said threw the wall. "Sure." Sitara answered. When I came in the room was black with alot of stars
  3. It looks like a very stary night in the sky it looked so beautiful and her sheats were a black hole sun. "Hey Than" Tariq said while holding Sitara's hand watching Ghost Adventure. Tariq wore a gray shirt with wash out jeans. "Than what's up?" Sitara asked. Sitara wore a green long sleeve shirt with blue jeans and a gold necklace with a star in the middle. "Oh nothing I just needed to ask you something by the way I love your necklace were did you get it? I asked curious. "Tariq gave it to me." Sitara said.
  4. "I will love you Sitara always." Tariq said then kissed her hand. "How sweet, before you guys go any farther Sitara can you maybe start training with me so I can learn some skills from you please?" I asked pityful. "Sure that sounds like a ton of fun when do you wanna start? Sitara asked. "Tomorrow around 8 maybe if that is fine with you?" I said. "Perfect were?" Sitara asked. "Training Room One?" I said. "Great see you then Than." Sitara said while smiling. "Okay you two kids have fun now, Bye" I said.
  5. "Thanks Mom & bye Than." Tariq said while wavying bye. I then left the room to bump into Chris as I was heading in the kitchen. "Damn it I need to stop that." I said out loud. "And hello to you too." Chris said while holding me close to him. "Well I better be going so see you later then." I said while bumping my shoulder into his on accident. "Than." Chris had grapped my wrist and me be against the wall behind me and kissed me so sweet it was so seductive this was just like him. "Hey stranger." Chris said.
  6. "Hi." I said while staring into his beautiful eyes. "Did I do something for you to be like this?" Chris sounded concerned. "No it's just I need to shower and I am a bit hungry." I said. "Okay well if you want company I could alway join you?" Chris said while smiling. "Not this time but maybe the next." I said while flipping us so he was against the wall. "See you later." I said while walking down the hall into the kitchen. The kitchen was amazing. The cabniets were black with a white tile as well on it.
  7. "Hey Piyali" I said as I saw her sitting at the bar alone. "Why am I a loser Than? Like come on I am not perfect or anywhere near beautiful as you are I bet Ethan doesn't even like." Piyali said while drinking some 1800. "Piyali that's not true you are so beautiful and Ethan just doesn't like you he loves you." I said while standing right next to her. "Than chill out take a seat right next to me let's chat" Piyali said. I could smell the 1800 on her breath. "So have you & Chris become an item?" Piyali said
  8. "No I haven't desided in a month I will let him know." I said. "Wow here you need this more then me." Piyali said as she held the glass toward my direction. "Thanks." I said while finishing the last bit. Zzzzz. "Piyali?" I shaked her shoulders but nothing. I grapped her legs then arms bridal style so I could give her to Ethan. I was in front of his door when I kicked it 3 times. "Yes oh come in come in." Ethan said opening the door more. "Ethan you need to not let her drink so much or at all okay?" I said.
  9. "Do you know why she was?" Ethan said. "Partly she thinks she isn't good enough for you or that you even wanna be with her." I said. "Oh man maybe it was about earlier did she tell you I went somewhere?" Ethan said. "Yeah she did why did you?" I said. "Because I got her this." Ethan said. He moved his green shirt up a little then toke a little red box out of his pocket. "Ethan is that what I think it is?" I said pointing at the box. "No here open it." Ethan put it in my right hand. "Okay fine." I said.
  10. When I open the box there was a braclet in the middle. "It's beautiful." I said. It was a silver charm braclet that had zircon blue stone hearts dangling from the braclet. In cursive 7 stone had 1 letter in her spelling it out. "Really you think she is going to love it?" Ethan said. "She will love it her give it to her when she is better tomorrow." I said while holding it out to his hand. "Okay thanks Than." Ethan said after getting the box from me. "Well I am going so bye Ethan." I said at the door.
  11. I can't wait to take a shower now. When I went to my room it was 11 at night where did the day go honestly? I grapped a black pair of pants and a long sleeve black shirt. Then got in the hot steamy shower. After I was finished and dress I turned all the lights off but everything was so clear to look at since I was still a vampire. I should go to bed to now and rest what time is. I looked at my phone Midnight of course. The time I met Ethan & Chris just about two weeks ago who knew that would lead me here.
  12. *Dream Mode* I was in a forest it looked so familar and snow was everywhere then I came across a cabniet that looked like it was my house but why was I going there? I went in and grabbed a cup and moved everything to the left side of the room I grapped my knife from my pocket and dragged the knife across my wrist so it poured the blood in the cup. I had then draw on the floor my tattoo the triangle 1st then a line in the middle & circle on the inside. I layed down went back to a human then stabbed my heart
  13. Cliffhanger?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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