undieing love part 3

READ PLEASE: so do you guys mind making a charicter for me, all I need is a name description and a power the best one will be in one of my future quizes oh and if I said next one I'm sorry because I'm too lazy to go back and fix it oh and as usuall the answer choices have no effect

I hate this thing dont you blah OMG don't you just hate math it's so hard oh and if you guys want you cam give me ideas for my next quiz you know like whatever I need to make time For these quizzes

Created by: xxemogirlxx111

  1. Recap: ok so wat happened was that you learned a bit about the underworld the school there and the sun thing (idk y but i got writers block and this week has been hard)
  2. So you find a bench nearby and sit you think to yourself *this place is weird, I wonder what earth looks like whatever I want to go home, so hungry must eat LOL I'm so funny* and after all that randomness you decide to go back to the mansion *CRAP CRAP CRAP ....... s---!!! GRRRR where is the mansion um this way or that way or umm CRAP!!* then you start talking out loud like a crazy person because for some reason you do "CRAP s---" "um ok.... Weird" you see Felix looking confused and almost laughing but not quite " I forgot where the mansion is" you turned shy all of a sudden "um ok so it's that way" the points to a nearby tree " just keep going that direction and you'll be there" " aren't you coming" you say "um well I guess I could but hmm um ya sure" he says "were you planning on going somewhere" you say "nah nothing important" he says " cool you day" and start walking towards the mansion
  3. so Felix trys to start a conversation "so Esmeralda you will be starting your training tomorrow with Scarlet, better hope shes in a good mood and she goes easy on you, when she started teaching me stuff she made me study so much like a 500 page book in a few hours" "wow, but why was she teaching you stuff i thought you went to school for that" you say "she was tutoring me since she's in the top 5 in the school or the elite class" "so why dont you tell me about your life" you say " um sure"
  4. "so I study medicine and learn new healing techniques and self-defense techniques and stuff" says Felix "oh, um so what's your favorite color?" you ask "dark blue" he says "um so what's your favorite food" " do poptarts count?" you both burst out laughing
  5. "so Esmeralda it's my turn, so what do think of all of us" "well I dont know, I mean I don't really now much about any of you but you guys are kind of nice I guess" "I'm surprised of how you can say that I mean with Marth and Scarlet yelling at you" "ya well Marth already apologized" you say " really, hmm that's not like him I mean he's a lot like Scarlet you know quiet and well you'll see". The rest of the way home you two are quiet you try to start conversation every one in a while but Felix doesn't want to talk. When you guys finally reach the mansion it's dark out but the lights in the mansion were on.
  6. You guys enter the mansion to find Scarlet on the couch holding two swards, one looks very elegant with a rose carved on it while the other looks plain but with a gold handle, it looks very sharp and has a pair of wings on it. " Esmeralda, your training will start now so please follow me outside" she says " good luck" says Felix.
  7. You follow her and pass by different hallways (your going to the back door) and each one seems longer that the last finally you both exit out the back door and Scarlet hands you the plain sward, it was too heavy for you and it fell to the ground, "well I thought you were at least strong enough to hold a sword" "great now you going to start insulting me again o thought we got passed this"you say " hmm well I don't hate you as much I just find you annoying since you can't even defend yourself so your just a waste of space until you can fight" "whatever" you say "ok so pick up the sword and cut that tree down" she points to a tree it's kind of thick *how am I going to cut the tree down* " with the sword Esmeralda,with the sword, it's not like I'm asking you to kill an army ok it's just a tree and it cant fight back"
  8. You pick up the sword and try to swing it to the tree and it flys out of your hand (LOL FAIL. you: shutup) but it still hits the tree *fail and win* you think "try to hold on to the sword next time" says Scarlet. You grab the sword again but then you feel as If someone is watching you, you turn around to see Marth on the balcony (what ever you call it) watching you like a creep "Marth do something usefull and charge my iPod and go buy some food afterwards" Marth leaves your secretly happy * he's such a creep* you think " thats my brother and he's not a creep he's just different we all are"
  9. You Take another swing at the tree and actually cut it not halfway or anything but still. "ok a few more hits and bye-bye tree" you swing at the tree again and you continue this for hours until finally you knock down the tree. "YESSS" you scream. You turn around to see Scarlet and she doesent look vary proud of you on the contrary she looks disappointed. She grabs the other sword
  10. "I'll show you how it's done" she charges tward another tree that looks exactly like the one you just took down. She hits the tree in one hit and all you see is a blue light coming from the sword the tree falls. "I could have done better" she says " wow that was amazing" you say " I expect you to do the same or even better by tomorrow" "BY TOMORROW" you say " yes but don't worry until tomorrow" Scarlet leads you back to your room and you fall asleep
  11. Ok so the quiz is over yay oh and so I know a few of you actually care enough to guess how old I am and well I turned 13 a while ago so you guys were close. So now I want you guys to give me a new character you know so just a name maybe a description and a power the best one will be put in my next quiz

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