Who are you in the world of undieing love?....

I know I'm taking forever to get my other quiz out by im a busy person ok I had a lot of homework but enjoy this quiz..... Hey so who here likes deathnote I love it my favotie character is light but he's such a player whatever

So this quiz is based on the characters from my other quiz undieing love oh and by the way emeralda isn't in the results idk how but I kind of forgot about her and not much can be said about her at this point and yes I know this quiz isn't very good but just take it and see

Created by: xxemogirlxx111

  1. Are you willing to risk your life for the Ones you care about (family friends pets)
  2. Are you loud and funny????
  3. Are you quiet??
  4. People don't know much about you
  5. Are you quiet sometimes but then sometimes you just want to be loud
  6. Do you feel other peoples pain (when someone crys you feel sad)
  7. Do you love neon colors
  8. Are you scene ( love bright colors and are loud
  9. Do you love the world of medicine
  10. Are you a angry person

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Quiz topic: Who am I in the world of undieing love?....