how long well you live in my world?

Welcome to my world of love and's no place like Earth...its not always cold and not always hot...the sun don't really shine on my world...theres vampires,monsters,dragons,unicorns,and other could get lost in the woods...but you'll like it...maybe

Are you ready? to come in my crazy world that i made up when i was bored to death...well hopefully your not scared of the drak cuz my world is almost always drak so the one's who live there can live...oh and parties happen all the time there's no rules really but goodluck

Created by: fufe123

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you like vampires or monsters?
  2. are you likely to get lost in the woods?
  3. do you make peace with all
  4. would you give your blood to a vampire if they asked
  5. meet my baby dragon midnight
  6. do you get in lots of fights
  7. do you like parties
  8. well you rate
  9. well you comment
  10. goodbye

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