Are you in love?

It's that feeling you get when the birds start chirping, the air is clear and fresh, and you are with the only person in the world that you care about. What is it? LOVE!

Are you in love? Do you really like her, or is it a false calling? Do you want to be sure about the way you are felling? This test can really help.

Created by: Jake Jarvis

  1. Do you have a specific person in mind while taking this quiz? (hint: if not then this quiz is pointless)
  2. Rate the person you are thinking of on a scale between one and ten.
  3. Rate the person you are thinking of on a personality scale from one to ten, based on how well you connect with them.
  4. Do you find it hard to focus on daily activities?
  5. Do you often think that life would be better if it were spent with this person?
  6. Do you take time out of your day just to spend time with this person, or to do things for them?
  7. Do you find yourself bored just because you aren't talking to or around this person?
  8. Have you went to bed thinking about this person, or thought about them first thing in the morning?
  9. Do you feel a sort of attraction with this person that you have never felt before, almost like magnetism?
  10. What would you do if this person suddenly disappeared from the face of the Earth?
  11. How does your mood change when you are around this person?

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Quiz topic: Am I in love?