Is it Love or Pity?

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There are people who think that love is as easy as breathing, but little did they know that someone commits s*icide because of love, so now, when you love a person, is it love or pity? Try this quiz!

When you are done taking this quiz and you didn't like the results, well the only person who knows who you are is yourself so don't get disappointed, this is just for fun!!! And, don't forget to post your comments alright!! I'll really appreciate it if you do!!!

Created by: krystle
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  1. When a guy/girl started to show that he/she likes you then after a few weeks, he/she seemed to like another person, what would you feel?
  2. There was a time that your boyfriend/girlfriend excuse himself/herself for a date with you because she has something to do that is more important, then when you got into the mall you saw him/her with another guy/girl, what will be your reaction (w/o knowing the real reason behind it)
  3. Then your girl/boyfriend explained that he/she is with a groupmate that is helping him/her with his/her projects, what thing will go in first in your mind?
  4. (another situation) You know that a girl/guy likes for a long time but you don't even noticed it, when you started to like him/her, he comes to you and said; I had loved you, but I grew tired, thanks for teaching me to love without expecting any in return now I am in love with another guy/girl and we are going together, what would you say?
  5. (A psychological test, this will also affect the results) Pick one color (not because it's your favorite):
  6. (Another psychological test, this affects the results) Pick one order you like:
  7. A guy/girl tells you that you look great then suddenly a moment later you here him/her tell another person that he/she looks good, what will you think?
  8. What does love means to you?
  9. Is love a need for you?
  10. Love is......
  11. Thanks for taking this quiz, I really appreciate it, and I would love it if you would spare some time to rate or post your comments so that I will know your insights whether it's not good it'll be much appreciated, thanks!!!! ( This won't affect the results. Promise ::))

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