How Pagan Are You?

Paganism is emerging in the consciousness of people across the country and around the world. People are feeling more in tune with the rhythms of nature and increasingly responsible for the welfare of the Earth and also one another.

The modern community is exciting with a fresh perspective on life, love, and the environment. It is a spiritual path that encourages free thinking and personal responsibility.

Created by: Asad
  1. Who is Gerald Gardner?
  2. Who was Alex Sanders?
  3. Who is Stewart Farrar?
  4. Who is Oberon Zell?
  5. Who is Isaac Bonewits?
  6. What is magick?
  7. What is divination?
  8. Which of the followings are Sabbats?
  9. When do you celebrate esbats?
  10. Have you ever celebrated skyclad?
  11. Do you consider modern Paganism open to alternative lifestyles?

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Quiz topic: How Pagan am I?