How Pagan are you

This quiz is a reasonably serious tool for you to determine your potential to embrace those concepts that would define you as a Pagan. It asks numerous questions about beliefs, how well read you are, and some religious philosophy based questions.

If you are now a Pagan, this quiz will assist you in some broadening of your understanding of the total range of things Pagan. If you are not Pagan, we will determine if it is safe for you to possess rope and matches, and or, if you are a danger to witches in general.

Created by: Cortland
  1. Do you feel God is a single entity?
  2. In the Year 30 AD Jesus said to his disciples, "And if Ye harm none, do as thou will."
  3. The rule of three is applicable to which of the following?
  4. Energy can be destroyed
  5. God is a man
  6. Do you seek to learn many different things about the world?
  7. Do you believe in Hell?
  8. Do you keep a journal about events in your life, or do you like to write your thoughts down?
  9. Do you like lots of rules, or only a basic guideline of things?
  10. Have you ever read more than one book at the same time, or do you prefer to start and finish one book at a time?
  11. Do you feel it is wrong to have more than one sexual partner if all your partners know about the other partners?
  12. Generally speaking are you a natural leader, or do you tend to follow others?
  13. Which best describes you.
  14. Of the following, what do you look forward to the most?
  15. An Athame is which of the following?
  16. Do you burn lots of candles?
  17. Salt represents which of the following.
  18. A pantheon is?
  19. Do you believe in creationism, pure theory of evolution, or divine evolution?
  20. Is Jesus the only person have ever been called the Son of God, Born of a Virgin?
  21. David Strauss is?
  22. Do you feel God is a God of love and mercy, or power and authority?
  23. Do you feel that you will be forgive of all your sins if you ask for forgiveness, or do you feel that your sins will add up and be weighed out against your good deeds at your death and at your judgment

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