What month of the year personality do you act most like? Pa

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BE SURE TO READ THIS: just saying, this quiz is only for people born from January to June. Please comment if you would like me to make a July to December version-a part 2.

This quiz will hopefully prove of which monitor were born in. Personally I'm born in May. Anyway, so what month do you act like? I would like to know you results so please tell me and give some feedback for part 2- July to December!

Created by: Madalyn Pandagrl

  1. Are you pretty or handsome, good looking? Be honest
  2. Do you like to dress up?
  3. Do you get easily bored?
  4. Are you very Fussy?
  5. Do you rarely show emotions?
  6. Do you take time to recover when hurt?
  7. Are you sensitive?
  8. Are you stubborn?
  9. Are you attractive?
  10. Are you full of life and caring?
  11. Are you intelligent?
  12. Do you have a Changing personality?
  13. Are you quiet?
  14. Are you shy?
  15. Are you humble?
  16. Do you love freedom?
  17. Do you love aggressiveness?
  18. Are you easily hurt?
  19. Are you daring?
  20. Do you love making new friends?
  21. Do you have a good memory?
  22. Are you good at thinking up solutions for things?
  23. Do you have a strong personality?
  24. Do you love attention?
  25. Are you active?
  26. Are you aggressive?
  27. Are you emotional?
  28. Do you adapt well to new situations?
  29. Do you love life?
  30. Are you independent?
  31. Are you secretive? Shhhhhhhh!!'
  32. Do you get easily angry?
  33. Are you logical?
  34. Are you quick to return favours?
  35. Are you honest?
  36. Do you get easily worried?
  37. Are you talkative?
  38. Are you very stylish and fashionable?
  39. Do you have a good sense of humour?
  40. Are you kind and generous?
  41. Finally: what month are you born in

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Quiz topic: What month of the year personality do I act most like? Pa