the allied protectors of Earth (Part 9)

Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting anything! I was away at a camp on the 30th of June til 7th of July which was my birthday!!!!! I turned fifteen and i got some awesome presents :) I created a tumblr blog and I'll link it. It's gonna be sort of a blog/diary and I'll post on it weekly!

So....since I was away, this part will be longer and reveal some shocking news! Hope you guys enjoy and stayed tuned for Part 10 coming up. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to comment or ask for my email!

Created by: ayamesho
  1. You watched in amazement as Lucas slammed into the white walls of the training rooms. You smiled and flexed your arms. "Woah ________, got me there!" laughed Lucas as he stood up. You were really getting the hang of it. It has been a whole entire month since you joined the team and so far so good. "Right I'm dead!" you announced and collapsed onto the floor. "Let's say that training is over today." Lucas helped you up. "Alright then," said Lucas. You waved goodbye and headed out of the training room to go to the kitchen to get a drink. As you were walking, someone blocked your way.
  2. You looked up into a pair of dark brown mesmerising eyes. You blushed and stepped back. A tall looking God was looking at you. He had perfect brown hair, his whole entire body was perfect. He was in a T.A.P.O.E. jumpsuit as well but except it was a dark purple sort of colour. "Hey" he greeted. "Guess your the new girl that just joined. Dude, is it hot in here or is that just you?" he smirked, showng his pearly white teeth. "The name's ElliotFallow, you might of heard of me before, my dad owns the Fallow steel company." Elliot smirked.
  3. You rolled your eyes. You found him annoying already. "So newbie, what's your name?" Elliot asked and lifted a strand of hair from your shoulders and began to twiddle it around his finger. You shook him off and narrowed your eyes. "________ ________" you muttered. "You should watch what your doing or else something bad might happen to you." you said, folding you arms. "Oh, a feisty one. I like it," teased Elliot. You took a deep breath and walked towards the living room. There was no point fighting with him. You end up losing it.
  4. But Elliot appeared in front of you in a flash. He didn't even look tired out. You then realised. Elliot will never leave you alone. He had super speed powers. And he will annoy you till you finally lose it. "Wait up for me ________!" laughed Elliot. You sat down on the leather sofas and Elliot did the same. Just then Mason and all the others came in. You sighed in relief. Thank God. You wouldn't be able to handle Elliot any longer. You saw everyone's eyes narrow when they saw Elliot. Elliot stood up. "Hey guys! How you all doing?!" "Hi. Elliot. " said Lucas through his teeth." "We didn't expect you to come down here." said Indiana with a fake smile.
  5. Elliot went over to Sophia and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. You saw a look in her eyes. You eyes went to Lucas and you saw him clench his fist and narrow his eyes at Elliot. "Elliot. If you don't let me go right now, I'll freeze you." Sophia said calmly. Elliot looked at her and then edged away from Sophia slowly, putting his hands up. "Alright cool. I'll leave you alone. Besides, I have a new target." said Elliot then winked at you. "You know, you're pretty cute when you're mad." Elliot sat back down next to you and put his arms around you. You exhaled slowly and didn't move a muscle. You saw Mason's jaw tighten as he looked at Elliot's arm around you. Wait. Is Mason jealous?
  6. Just then, the sensor went off. You sighed. Thank God for attacks! No more Elliot. You lifted Elliot's arm off you and quickly went off to the screen. *FAST TIME* You flopped onto your bed and groaned. Today was intense. There were 6 attacks and the opponents you had to fight were hard. You decided to go to sleep at the base. A few days after you joined, the team presented you with your own bedroom. It was a large blue bedroom with vintage furniture inside. It was your dream bedroom. You quickly fell asleep.
  7. You were in a forest. You were running for your life, your heart slamming into your rib cage. You had rips and tears in your jumpsuit, your whole body was hurting and you didn't dare to look around. Suddenly, a you foot caught on a fallen log and you collapse onto the muddy wet floor. You turned around , your hands grasping the leaves. "Please....don't...hurt me." you whispered, as hot tears rolled down your cheeks. You heard a evil laugh that almost sounded as if it was sympathetic for you. Then you saw red eyes appear out of the darkness.
  8. You scrambled back slowly, your breath quick and rapid. "Who's there?" you whimpered. The glowing red eyes came closer and closer until you saw who it was. The same dark red hair tied in a messy fish-tail braid. The same armour. The red eyes which pierced yours. "Milla?" you gasped. "Surprise," said Milla slowly, her lips curling into a evil smile. "No this isn't real! It's a dream! You're dead!" you shouted. "This isn't a dream _________." hissed Milla, walking slowly towards you. "It's a warning. I'm coming for you very soon. Or should I say, you'll be coming to me very soon." laughed Milla. "You take my place in the team, I'll just have to kill you." "Why are you doing this?" you screamed. Milla was right above you now. She grabbed you by the chin and lowered her body down til she was face to face with you. "You taken him away from me. He's falling for you and soon he'll forget all about me. But that won't happen because I'll come back. No one can ever have him. Especially not a failure such as yourself." A quick burning sensation quickly began to burn in your cheek. You saw a small dagger glistening in Milla's hand. "We'll meet very soon." was the last thing you heard before you woke up.
  9. A beeping sound woke you up. You quickly sat up and wiped the sweat from your face. You sprinted to the living room. Everyone was there, crowding round the screen. "The attack is by the rough part of town. I've analysed the attacks from today and they seem to be connected." explained Jack. he tapped various keys and a map appeared with various dots and lines. All the attacks are in a star shape. "Mason and Austin, you guys will go to the attack. After you've finished, Lucas will head to the west and patrol there. Mason will still in the north. Lucas will patrol in the east. Sophia will patrol in the South west of town and Indiana will patrol in the South East. And as for you ___________," Jack said pointing at you. "You'll be in the centre." You nodded taking in all the information. "Since there are connections between the attacks, We'll patrol just in case."
  10. "If you would follow me, I'll give you something." Jack said and began to go towards the weapons room. You all followed. When you went inside the weapons room, you saw four oval backpacks. "Everyone expect Sophia and Austin, put them on." instructed Jack. You all put them on. They felt quite heavy. "These are Jet packs." explained Jack. "Press the button on the strap on your left side and the wings and propellers should come out." You all pressed the button and the wings and propellers came out. You turned around, trying to catch a glimpse of it. There were like mini aeroplanes. "They're voice controlled so be careful." "Um, why does Austin and Sophia not need one?" you ask. "We can fly." Sophia said, winking at you. When could Sophia fly? You knew Austin could. "Oh." was all you could say.
  11. "Just tilt your body to whatever direction you want to fly in and the jet pack will follow. On your compact there is a map of the whole city. The red dot is where each one of you will be patrolling and the green dot is you. And finally the blue dots are monsters, demons, criminals all sorts. If you find a attack near you go to it. Call for back up if you need more people." smiled Jack. Jack pressed a panel on one of the walls and suddenly the roof opened up revealing the black sky, studded with diamond stars. "Good luck." Jack smiled. In one clear unison, every said "Fly." Suddenly you were all up in the air. "Woah," you whispered. "Okay, now push all your body weight up and you should be able to lift off." instructed Jack. You did that and suddenly you found yourself zooming out of the room and into the night's sky. You squealed in delight. Around you you saw Indiana doing flips in the air, Lucas and Mason flying around each other laughing. Suddenly, Austin zoomed past them all. He hovered in front of them with no problem at all. It began to get quite cold. You turned around and saw Sophia in front of you, her hands was flat and facing downwards, almost like pushing herself to stay up. You watched in awe as she zoomed past you surfing the air. Her long blonde hair billowed out behind her and she giggled joyfully. You took out your compact and began to follow the directions of where you will be patrolling.
  12. You hovered above the buildings and closed your eyes. It was so peaceful and calm. A beeping sound began to fill the air. You groaned. You just got here and there was a attack already?! You flipped open the compact. A blue dot began blinking rapidly. It was close to where you currently were. Suddenly, Sophia appeared on your screen. "There's an attack near you. Do you think you can handle it?" Sophia asked. "I should be able to. I'll call if I need back up." Sophia nodded and grinned. "Good luck." and with that, she cut off. The map was on your screen once again and you began to go to the blinking blue dot. You landed onto the roof of a office building where the attack was supposed to be. You scanned round. But there was nothing. You called Sophia again. "Hey Sophia, there's no attack. I scanned round." you told her. "Hmm, weird. Maybe you should-" before Sophia could finish off her sentence, you compact was thrown onto the ground from your hand. It skidded to a half about 3 metres from you. Smoke began to come off from it. You looked at the wall and saw a shuriken stuck in the stone wall. You turned around. Instinctively, you took out a long dagger from your belt. "Is that what you do when you meet somebody?" asked a familiar voice. "Take out a dagger?"
  13. A figure appeared out of the shadows. You looked at her in complete shock. "Told you it wasn't a dream." mocked Milla. "Well it's not very nice of yourself to interrupt someone when they're speaking to someone and to break their compact." you said, narrowing your eyes. Then you realised. "All those attacks today were ordered from you!" you gasped. "Well. not me. My master." smiled Mila. "I just helped a little bit." "Who's your master?" you asked, clenching your dagger a little tighter. "Oh come on __________. Didn't you see the marks on them?" Milla replied. Your mind flashes back to the mark. The one with the whip and hooked cane. "Osiris?" you gasped. Milla laughed. "Of course who else?" Milla stared walking towards you. She took out a long katana. "Get ready to fight. You are going to die tonight." hissed Milla and charged at you.

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