the allied protectors of Earth (Part 5)

Part 5 is out! Sorry I took so long! I was really busy! Not to mention obsessing over my friend's kindle, which I am saving to get and watch SHERLOCK. If you haven't seen that, you are missing out BIG TIME. Benedict comeberbatch!!!

Hoping you enjoy this!

Created by: ayamesho
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  1. What had happened to Milla stayed in your head for the rest of the evening. Sophia led you back to the living room where the tele porters were. You were about to step into the tele porter when suddenly someone cried "___________ watch out!" You quickly turned and saw a rugby ball heading straight at you. You quickly focused your eyes onto the rugby ball and before it could hit your face, it hovered in front of you. You smirked. You may not have trained for objects coming towards you, but you figured out that it you were focused, you could do it. "Sorry! Sorry!" said the boy with the curly brown hair. "Austin!" scolded Sophia. "Jack told you not to play rugby inside! You could of hurt ________! Thank God she could stop it in time!" "It's fine Sophia, no big deal," you reassured Sophia. You looked around the room. There was only Indiana sitting doing homework in the room. You realised that you have not seen Mason today. You waved good bye and then Sophia pressed a button and you vanished again.
  2. You somehow managed to teleport into a bush in your front yard. You picked yourself up and then went inside. "I'm home," you sighed as you plopped you bag down onto the ground and hung up you blazer. Your mum came out of the living room. "Hi darling. How is your project getting along?" "Umm..yeah good," you mumbled. You had completely forgot that you had told your mum that you were "working on a school project". "Do you want dinner? I can reheat it." said your mum. "I'm good thanks mum, I'm not very hungry. I'm just going to have a shower." You head up the stairs and into your bedroom. You take you pyjamas and go for a shower.
  3. After your shower, you sat down on your bed and tried to lift things up from your desk using your powers. You managed to lift up your photo frame until someone knocked on your door, causing you to jump in fright and drop the photo frame. "Come in!" you called. Your mum came in and told you to go to bed. You went to the bathroom, brushed your teeth and snuggled up into bed.
  4. That night you dreamt of a girl with long wavy red hair, and amber eyes. She was wearing a armour kind of thing, with thick pads on her shoulders, knees and elbows. Half of her face was covered by a metal mask with grinned evilly. She began running towards you saying "Watch out. I'm coming for you very soon." Suddenly you woke up. Your hair was sticking to your forehead from the sweat and you pyjamas was sticking to your skin. You looked at you alarm clock. It was three in the morning. You were about to go back to bed when you heard a noise coming from your balcony. You silently tip toed to the balcony and opened the doors. You lifted up your heavy dictionary from your bookshelf with your telekinesis in case it was a robber or murderer coming to get you. Instead you see Mason sitting on the roof of your house. "Mason?!" you whispered. Mason turned around and grinned. "Hey." "Don't say Hey!" you hissed. "How did you know where I live and why are you here?!"
  5. "Is that anyway to talk to someone who saved your life?" Mason asked giving you a cheeky smile. "Don't change the subject!" You hissed. You just wanted to know why he was here for crying out loud. "It's pretty easy to find and it's relaxing here too." Mason smiled and looked at you. You gave him look. "Nah, not really, I put a tracker onto your blazer when you weren't looking." You looked at Mason with disbelief. Was he THAT much of a stalker?! You didn't believe a word Mason said, every other house had the same feel, there was something special about your house but you thought, it couldn't be you. Every time, you got close to Mason, he'd always reject you.
  6. "Could you try to not make that much noise? I thought you were a burglar." You whispered and sat down next to him. The night was warm and a warm gentle breeze was surrounding you. Mason laughed at your request and lied down, folding his arms behind his head. Your heart skipped a beat. Everything about Mason was perfect; his eyes, his hair and the way his mouth perfectly curled when he smiled. Mason saw you looking at him. "What is it?" he asked. "Um..nothing I-" you began but Mason stopped you. "Well spit it out then." he said impatiently, turning over to face you. You felt your face burning up and you swore you were as red as a tomato. "The team." you began. "You wouldn't let me join the team." "Yeah got a problem with that?" Mason looked deep into your eyes. "Well...yeah. I can handle myself and everyone wants me to join." "Well I guess I'm not everyone. You nearly got yourself killed last time-" "Well that's because I didn't know I had powers!" You whispered loudly. You were getting angry now. Who was he to tell you that you couldn't join?! "It doesn't matter. You are still inexperienced." he said and stood up. "Wait!" you cried. But Mason suddenly vanished into thin air. "Stupid Mason," you muttered under your breath. You climbed back into your bed but you could not get to sleep.
  7. The next morning you were in such a bad mood. You still heard Mason's words in your mind. You slammed a bowl onto the dining room table and carelessly poured the milk and cornflakes into the bowl. Before you left the house, you checked your blazer for the tracker until you finally found it, flashing. "How did I miss that?!" you whispered to yourself. You ripped it from your blazer, stomped on it a couple of times and threw it in the trash. You were muttering under your breath throughout the whole entire journey to school. You saw Indiana who waved at you and greeted you. "Hello ________!" she yelled. "Isn't it just a wonderful day?" "Yeah. Great." you muttered. "What's wrong? Indiana asked you worryingly. You could finally rant to someone about the pig. "Mason is what's wrong. Did you know I found him on my roof at three in the morning last night?! And he put a flipping tracker on my blazer?! AND worst of all, he told me I was inexperienced. Who is HE to tell me that I was inexperienced?! When I can lift up cars and trucks and heavier things in the future, my first target WILL be him!!!" You shouted. " already are.." Indiana whispered, looking at all the vehicles along the road. Everything on the road was hoovering in the air slightly. Thankfully, most people didn't notice as it was subtle. You slowly calmed down and everything went back on the ground.
  8. "Stupid powers." you hissed. You were in such a bad mood that if anyone said the wrong thing, your hands would be around their necks. "There there, calm." Indiana said, rubbing your back. "Mason is always like that. Ignore him." You two were about to walk into the school when something beeped continuously. Indiana reached into her pocket and took out a mobile sort of thing. You noticed that Sophia had the same one too. "Gotta go, a attack in the city," shouted Indiana, running out of the school. "What you can't just run out!" you cried. "People will notice you're missing!!" "We got robots remember!" was the last thing you heard before Indiana disappeared from your view.
  9. You looked up at the huge stone building. Today was going to be a long day.
  10. First of all, I want to thank Natuhleegayle for her awesome idea for the scene with Mason >.< THANK YOOU! She is like a sister to me! Check out her hogwarts love story (Which I am obsessed with GO OLIVER AND DRACO WOOOO!) And her hunger games series and one direction love story! Keep on writing girl! Second, thanks for taking this quiz!

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