the allied protectors of Earth (Part 4)

Welcome to "the allied protectors of Earth (Part 4)"! Hope you enjoy this!!

So in this part you will find out something shocking about the past of the team! It has been warm all week in Scotland, it's not even normal...

Created by: ayamesho
  1. You woke up from your beautiful sleep, feeling the sun rays coming from a small crack from your curtains. You haven't slept so good in a long time with school and late nights. Wait a second. SCHOOL. What day was today?! You quickly peered at your alarm clock. The small hand was just past the eight and the big hands were on the seven. It was 8:35am. "SHOOT!" you yelled and quickly scrambled out of bed. You practically ran into the bathroom, brushed your teeth and quickly got changed into your school uniform. You then picked up your bag, stumbled down the stairs and out the front door.
  2. You were running to school like your life depended on it. You were dodging people like a ninja. Finally you arrived at school. You rested your hands on your knees, catching your breath. Then you sprinted into the school building. The first thing you saw when you entered the building was the assembly hall. And students in there. Including boys. There was no doubt that it was a whole school assembly. "Aw, man, really?!" You thought to yourself. Quietly, you slipped into the hall and into a seat. The head teacher, Mrs Sorin was talking about something irrelevant like butterflies or something. Suddenly someone nudged you. It's...
  3. It was Lucas with his green eyes staring at you. He winked and smirked. "I see someone woke up late," he whispered, with a hint of mischief in his voice. "Dude, seriously I have no idea what the old bat is on about." You giggled, clamping your hand over your mouth. You have never heard anyone make fun of Mrs Sorin before.
  4. *FAST FORWARD* When the bell rang at the end of the school day, you quickly ran to the school gates and waited for Sophia to arrive. Your mind was filled with a million questions. What would happen if you could control your powers? What if you turned into a complete monster? "__________!" You quickly turned around. It was Sophia running towards you, her light blonde hair flying out behind her. "Hey! Sorry I'm late!" Sophia said panting. "It's fine." you smiled. "Come on lets go!" said Sophia and grabbed you by your hands. She quickly took you behind a big tree. "Hold on tight!" she smiled and took out a silver compact mirror looking thing. She flipped it open, pressed a button and with that, the area disappeared around you.
  5. You quickly appeared at the base again. You stepped out of the teleporters and looked around. The whole entire room looked just like it did before, everything was perfect. You put your bag down by the sofa. Sophia then led you outside. You looked around in wonder. It was a training ground. It was massive with targets and dummys around the area. You noticed that there were a pile of objects such as swords, cars, vases, old doors and other things on the ground. You saw Jack walking towards you. "Hey __________," he said. "Lets start your training."
  6. "First, try to lift the vase using your mind," said Jack. You nodded and concentrated on the red vase. Slowly the vase began to lift up. "Good work _________," said Jack nodding. "Now try with your hands." You gently put the vase down and tried to lift it up with your hands. Your hands were trembling but you managed to lift up the vase also. "You have a very strong power on Telekinesis. Now try to hit the target." Jack smiled, pointing to the round target nearest to you. With a deep breath, you moved your hands towards the target quickly and the vase flew over and hit the target perfectly, smashing against it hard before breaking into tiny pieces.
  7. "Well done! You will need more practising but you controlled your powers very well!" praised Jack. You then spent the rest of the afternoon practising your powers until you could lift up small things perfectly and with no trouble at all. You were exhausted but you were happy.
  8. Sophia gave you a bottle of water after your training. You drank it in hugh gulps and in less than a minute you finished the whole entire bottle. "Woah, " laughed Sophia. "I give you a tour of the base!" You followed Sophia back into the base. You followed her into a big room filled with weapons like darts, arrows, knifes and more. "These are for us." explained Sophia. "They attach to our belts on our suits so if we couldn't use our powers, then we can still fight." Sophia then pointed to two dummies wearing silver jumpsuits. You've only just realised Sophia wore the jumpsuit with the high turtleneck one but without the fabric at the shoulders but the long skin tight sleeves were still connected to the jumpsuit. The belt blended in with the jumpsuits, there were pockets which were probably filled with weapons and other useful things. The guys were probably wearing the same things but the fabric at the shoulders were still there.
  9. Sophia led you through the entire base until you reached her room. Sophia's room was a pale blue with a big queen sized bed with a canopy. There was a desk, a walk in wardrobe, a hanging chair and even a big fish tank filled with tropical fish. "Wow," you whispered. "Why do you have a bedroom here? Do you live here?" "No, none of us do but we all have our own rooms to hang out. When you want to escape from your parents, this is where you go!" laughed Sophia. "But wait, won't your mum realise that you've gone when you are fighting or when you're here?" You asked. "We have a robot which covers for us. They are like humanoid robots expect that they are exactly like us, they have the same personality as us. They get automatically transported to places where we were when we go to fight monsters. They can are kind of made up of our dna and energy. It's complicated." explained Sophia.
  10. "So do you have anymore questions to ask?" asked Sophia, sitting herself on the bed. You sat down too, unsure of the question that was in your mind. "The other day when Lucas mentioned a girl named Milla...who is she?" you asked. You weren't THAT jealous. You just wanted to know who she was. You looked up at Sophia and her face instantly darkened. "Milla...was once in our team. She was clever and pretty and we all loved her. She had the power of forcefields and could use all weapons. One day...we faced this man who called himself Osiris. He had incredible powers, he was sneaky and clever. He had the power of the five senses. He could create illusions or blind us temporarily. He managed to control Mason....and then manipulated Mason to kill Milla. And he succeeded. Mason blames himself after all this time even now." You didn't say anything. Mason...carrying this heavy was even painful for you to think. "He is still out there." said Sophia, her eyes determined. "Osiris is still out there. But he will not any longer. We will catch him. We will not stop until he is crawling on his hand and knees begging us. He will be defeated once and for all by us. He will pay for what he has done to Milla."

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