Hogwarts Love Story Part 7

Welcome to part 7!! Take all the other parts before (if you didn't already) or else you won't understand. Cocoa flavoured cats. I LIKE TO MAKE MYSELF BBEELLIIVVEE! THAT PLANET EARTH TURNS! SSLLOOWWLLYY!

Do you have the brainpower to qualify for that prestigious title 'Genius'? ~ random ~ SPANISH LULLABY!! Neptune Collonges won the Aintree grand National you know.

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  1. Just as you finished giving out about Snape, one of Oliver's friends sat opposite you. He gasped. "_____!" he said. "Do I hear bad language?!" (he was being sarcastic)."Who are you and how do you know my name?" You asked."Well, I know your name because Oliver never shuts up about you!" He replied."Go away Eoghan" Oliver mumbled. "Why don't you go away?" He replied. "Because I got here first" "Yeah well I'm here now" "Go away" "No you go away". You rolled your eyes at this stupidness.
  2. "See ya" You said,getting up and joining Cedric,who was walking past. "Hi Cedric" you said sweetly."What do you want." he said,smiling. "Wanna do my homework?" you asked."No." he replied."Aww,why not?" you asked."I will if you go out with me" he smirked.You scowled."Next year" you said."Is that a promise? Because,if it isn't then I'm afraid you might find some of your answers wrong!" Cedric said. "I don't need you,I've got Hermione." you said.
  3. You joined Harry,Hermione and Ron on the staircase to the Gryffindor common room.When you reached the corridor with the painting of the the fat lady at the end,you found it packed with students."Why isn't anyone going in?" Ron asked curiously.
  4. It turned out that The Fat lady had been attacked by Sirius Black,and was in a painting on the 4th floor. All the Gryffindors were sent to the Great Hall, and were soon joined by all the other houses."The teachers and I need to conduct a thorough search of the castle" said Professor Dumbledore.
  5. "I'm afraid that,for your own safety,you will have to spend the night here.I want the Prefects to stand guard over the entrances to the Hall and I ameaving the Head boy and Girl in charge." Proffesor Dumbledore was leaving the Hall when he said,"Oh yes,you'll be needing.." One wave of his wand and the long tables flew to the side of the room and the floor was covered with hundreds of squashy purple sleeping bags.
  6. The hall immediately began to buzz excitedly. You grabbed a sleeping bag and sat next to the twins."Watcha doin?" you asked. "Trying out new spells" replied George."Care to be our test?" "Sure" you replied.
  7. The twins mumbled something and pointed there wands at you. You fell backwards onto someone who was lying on a sleeping bag,talking."SORRY!!" you said getting up quickly."It's ok" he said. You looked up and saw that it was Oliver,talking to Harry. Harry was smiling,but Oliver was positively beaming! You sat down again and started talking at full speed to Harry until Oliver put his hand around your mouth.
  8. You gently bit Oliver's finger,making him let go. He screamed loudly,clutching his finger. You and Harry stated at each other in bewilderment,wondering what he was doing."You've killed me!". Oliver yelled,pretending to cry. Several people turned to stare at the weird group sitting in the corner. There was the twins:laughing loudly,Harry: The chosen one,Oliver:screaming like a girl, and you.
  9. Oliver stopped screaming and the five of you began to laugh."Your all awfully cheerful,considering Sirius Blacks just broken into the castle" someone said behind you.
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