A Hogwarts love story: The chamber of secrets(part 3)

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This is part 3 of the Chamber of Secrets. So there may be a surprise in this quiz for a few of you-maybe even all of you(hopefully!) This is continuing from when the three of you ran out of the Slytherin common room...

What's that? There's a Quidditch match....That means that you're going to be Seeker! I wonder how that works out for you.... Tom Riddle's diary is also discovered and another suspect as to who opened the Chamber is found out....

Created by: spotty dinosaur
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  1. By the time you returned to the bathroom all of you had changed back into yourselves. "Hermione come out! We've got loads to tell you!" Harry called to her. "No! Go away!" She shouted. Myrtle flew out from Hermione's stall and gasped, "Wait till you see-it's awful." She giggled and floated behind the three of you. "Hermione?" Harry said and started slowly pushing open the door, "A-are you OK?" You saw her standing there with a tail and big pointy ears on the top of her head; you had a shocked look on your face, Ron looked almost horrified but Harry had to put on his glasses before he saw her. "Do you remember me telling you, that the Polyjuice Potion was only for human transformations....?" She said as she turned round to face you. Her face was just like a cat's, covered in black fur, whiskers and big glowing yellow eyes. "It was cat's hair that I plucked off Millicent Bulstrode's robes........Look at my face....." By this point Myrtle was laughing and you were trying very hard not to smirk just a little bit. "Look at your tail." Ron said smiling. You took her hand and started leading her out of the bathroom, "We need to get you to the hospital; can't go to class looking like that...." At first they all protested against it because of how much trouble they would get into for using Polyjuice potion, but in the end they had to agree-what else was she going to do? She had no clue how to fix it and neither did the rest of you.
  2. Madam Pomfrey didn't question any of you about why Hermione was in this state; she just sat her on a bed and gave her something to start treating the problem. You visited her everyday and she was getting gradually better; Madam Pomfrey said that she will be out soon, when she stops coughing up furballs. The boys still felt that her transforming into a cat was slightly funny, but they visited her too and tried to be nice. The three of you were walking up the stairs on the way to the common room when you saw that the top of the stairs was flooded with water; you followed the water to where it was coming from and found yourselves in the first floor bathroom. "Looks like Moaning Myrtle has flooded the bathroom." Harry said as he entered it. Myrtle was sitting on the window ledge crying, "Come to throw something else at me?" She asked as she noticed that you were standing there. "Why would I throw something at you?" Harry asked. "Don't ask me; here I am minding my own business and someone thinks it's funny to throw a book at me." "But it can't hurt if someone throws something at you-I mean, it'll just go right through you." Ron said bluntly. Sometimes that boy had no idea what he was saying or how to be sensitive; couldn't he tell that she was obviously upset by the fact that someone threw something at her?! Myrtle flew quickly down towards Ron, "SURE! Let's all throw books at Myrtle because she can't feel it! 10 points if you get it through her stomach!" She angrily said as she plunged her arm through Ron's stomach, "50 points if it goes through her head!" She shot her arm through his face; but immediately calmed down when Harry spoke to her, "But who threw it at you anyway?" "I don't know- I didn't see them. I was just sitting in the U-bend thinking about death, and it fell through the top of my head." She said before flying off and crying some more. You and Ron just stood there but Harry saw something by one of the stalls and picked it up; it was just a book with a plain black cover-nothing special, it didn't even have any writing on the pages, but Harry decided to take it anyway.
  3. That night you all visited Hermione and Harry brought the book that he found in the bathroom, in case Hermione knew anything about it. He gave her the book and she looked at the front cover then turned it to the back, "There's a name on this diary. Tom Marvolo Riddle." She said. "Tom Marvolo Riddle?" Ron said and took the book off of her, "Hang on; I know that name.....How do I know that name....?" You looked at him waiting for an answer as he racked his brain to why the name sounded familiar. "Of course! That night I had detention-my job was to polish the sliver in the trophy room- I remember because I kept burping up slugs over Tom Riddle's trophy." "Burping up slugs?" You asked. "Don't ask. It was horrible." "What was the trophy for?" Harry asked interested on the subject. "He won an award 50 years ago, services to the school or something." "50 years ago-are you sure?" Hermione asked. "Yeah why?" "Don't you remember what Malfoy told you? The last time the Chamber was opened was-" "50 years ago..." Harry interrupted, "That means-" "Tom Riddle was here at Hogwarts when it happened. What if he wrote about what he saw? It's possible he knew where the Chamber was, how to open it, even what sort of creature lives in it! If so...whoever is behind these attacks wouldn't want this diary lying around, would they?" "It's a brilliant theory Hermione, but there's just one flaw-there's nothing written in this diary." Harry said and showed her the blank pages. Madam Pomfrey soon made you leave the hospital to go back to your common rooms, you and Ron went upstairs but Harry stayed downstairs for a while to look at the diary.
  4. Hermione was out of the hospital soon and there was something that Harry wanted to tell the three of you. "It was Hagrid. Hagrid opened the Chamber of Secrets 50 years ago." Harry said. "It can't be Hagrid-it just can't be." Hermione said refusing to believe one word that Harry said. "I agree, why would Hagrid open the Chamber? He doesn't exactly seem like the heir of Slytherin...." You said. "We don't even know this Tom Riddle; he sounds like a dirty rotten snitch to me." Ron joined in. "The monster had killed someone Ron. What would any of us have done?" Harry said believing that he was right. "Look, Hagrid's our friend, why don't we just ask him about it?" Hermione said. "We can't just go up to Hagrid and ask him if he-" You started. "If I what?" Hagrid said standing behind all of you. "Nothing." The four of you said nervously and looked at him with uneasy expressions. The air had a tense feeling about it but Harry quickly changed the subject, "What's that you got there Hagrid?" "Oh...err...slug eating flesh repellent, for the mandrakes. Now according to Professor Sprout they still got a bit of growing up to do, but once their acne's cleared up we'll be able to chop them up and stew them, then we'll get those people down at the hospital unpetrified. In the mean time though, you four best be looking after yourselves, alright?" Hagrid said and walked away, showing a panicked Neville running towards all of you. "Harry, I don't know who done it but you better come, come on!" Neville said urgently. You all ran after Neville as he took you to the Gryffindor common room, up the stairs and into the boy's dorm. The room had been completely trashed, bits of glass, broken picture frames, scrunched up pieces of parchment, feathers from the pillows and the curtains from the beds scattered the floor. Harry walked over to his bed and started frantically searching around on the floor for something; "It had to be a Gryffindor, nobody else knows our password-unless it wasn't a student." Hermione stated. "Whoever it was the-they must have been looking for something." Ron said. "But what could they possibly want from Harry?" You said. "Tom Riddle's diary is gone." Harry said and looked up at all of you.
  5. The next day was Gryffindor's match against Hufflepuff and you were finally playing as Seeker! You were so excited you quickly dressed in your uniform and made a quick stop at the trophy cupboard before you went to the Gryffindor tent, where Oliver would go over the game plan before all of you played. You were resting your chin on your fists that had a firm grip on your broom, staring at your father's Quidditch trophy for Seeker and hoping that you would catch the snitch before the Hufflepuff team. Suddenly you went stiff and fell to the floor; the last thing that you saw were a pair of big yellow eyes in the reflection of the trophy cupboard glass.
  6. *Oliver's P.O.V* "Where's _____?" I asked Harry. He shrugged, that just meant that one more person didn't know where she was. The rest of the team were already in the tent, including Harry who was ready to take ____'s place should anything happen to her in the match. But where was she? I'd seen her at breakfast, so did most of the team, but after that she just vanished...... I had to go over our game plan though, for the rest of the team-even if she wasn't here. "Alright, listen up. We play our game Hufflepuff doesn't stand a chance; we're stronger, quicker and smarter." I said leading the team out the tent. "Not to mention they're dead scared that Harry will petrify them if they fly anywhere near him!" Fred or George said; to be honest I was too busy worrying about where ____ was to take notice of which one was speaking. We were walking towards the pitch but were intercepted by Professor McGonagall. "Professor McGonagall." I said stopping in our tracks. "This match has been cancelled." The professor said. "You can't cancel Quidditch!" I protested. "Silence Wood. Now your teammates will go to Gryffindor tower, now." She stopped Harry from walking off with the rest of them, and then turned to face me again. "Wood, she's in the hospital..." She solemnly said. "Who...?" I nervously asked. "I think you know very well who..." My face completely drained of colour, "I-I-I have to go and see h-her." I stuttered. McGonagall nodded and turned to face Harry, but I was already running towards the hospital to hear what she said. I wanted so badly to jump on my broom and fly there-it would be so much quicker-but I couldn't just burst into the hospital on my broom or fly down the corridors like a madman.
  7. *Harry's P.O.V* I watched as Oliver ran towards the hospital. I didn't know who "she" was but she must have been very important to Oliver. My attention was soon back to McGonagall, "Potter, me and you will go and find Mr Weasley-there's something that the two of you have to see." She said and we walked away from the tent to go look for Ron. We soon found him walking about the castle, "Isn't Hermione with you?" I asked him, she would always be around us although I don't think she's too fond of Ron. "I don't know where she is. Where's ____? Wasn't she meant to be playing today?" He frantically said. The professor had an uneasy look on her face and quickly took us to the hospital not saying a word until we got there. "I warn you, this could be a wee bit of a shock." McGonagall said as she led us to two beds and stood in between them.
  8. *Ron's P.O.V* I was walking round the castle by myself after I found out that the Quidditch match had been cancelled. Soon I was found by Harry; apparently there was something that Professor McGonagall wanted the both of us to see. Me and Harry were quickly taken to the hospital and McGonagall walked over and stood in between two beds. At first I couldn't see who was there because of all the curtains shielding the petrified students from people's view, but I realised soon enough who was there....
  9. *Draco's P.O.V* I had been thinking about whether I should tell _____ about what Parkinson said the other day-about wishing the monster kills her. I hadn't spoken to her in a while, and it wasn't like the conversation was going to be cheery, "Hey ____! Parkinson wants you to die-did you know?" That's how I imagined me telling her. I felt though, that she had a right to know and I decided to tell her. "_____? There's something that I have to tell you..." I thought to her. She always replied to me straight away and that's exactly what I expected-but I didn't get an answer straight away-I didn't even get one after a couple of hours. Something was wrong, I could tell....but I just didn't know what the problem was. I came up with an idea, it was sort of a cunning thought but it was clever at the least. _____ always hung around with Potter and his little gang (I have no idea why though), if I could find them-I could find her. I soon found Potter and Weasley-it wasn't that hard with Weasley's red hair-but she wasn't with them. Well, Granger wasn't with them either but that didn't matter, what really mattered was where she is. "Where are your girlfriends?" I sneered at them. Potter looked angry and sad at the same time while Weasley said through gritted teeth, "For your information Malfoy, they're in the hospital-petrified." They then both walked stiffly off. She's been petrified?! I thought Parkinson was making an irritating joke when she said that _____ was a half-blood. I was going to go see her but unfortunately I passed Snape on the way there and was told to go back to the common room; I tried to protest but this got him slightly angry and pushed me forward as a start to get me moving to the common room.
  10. *Neville's P.O.V* We were all sent back to the common room by orders of Professor McGonagall; a couple of people were already there but more were coming through the entrance. Almost all the Gryffindor's were waiting in the common room to be told why they were sent here, we were still missing Hermione,_____, Harry, Ron and Oliver Wood. Oliver walked through a bit later, he looked sad, if it was someone else-like someone in my year- I would have asked what was wrong; but I had never even met Oliver before. Just because I hadn't officially met Oliver before didn't mean that I didn't know who he was, of course I did-he was captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, a sixth year and from what I've heard, absolutely in love with Quidditch. He was just probably upset that Gryffindor's Quidditch match was cancelled. Harry and Ron came in a little bit later, seeming annoyed and sad, I was pretty sure that everyone could tell. "What's wrong?" I asked them. They didn't answer, just went and stood by themselves on the stairs. By the way they reacted it seemed like a sensitive subject, but Oliver must have been eavesdropping because once they walked away without an answer he called, "Hey! You there! Longbottom, is it?" Sorrow was still in his voice, I went over to him because he obviously wanted to tell me something, maybe it had something to do with why Harry and Ron were acting like that. "What's up with you 3?" I politely asked. "______ has been petrified-she was this morning actually...-Granger has been too..." Wood said, "Do you think, this is going to sound stupid....D-do you think you c-could get some flowers for her-like you did last year when she sprained her arm?" I nodded slowly, I didn't know what to think really....He must really like her to ask me that, but then again-everybody really liked her, I did too. The second after I found out that she had been petrified I thought about bringing her some flowers, I had to agree now that he asked me to...
  11. Okay so maybe that "you" getting petrified thing was inevitable, but it's one way to make the year go quicker! Now that you're petrified i'm going to do some people's P.O.V's like i did for some of the questions. So yeah....

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