A Hogwarts love story: The chamber of secrets

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So this is the first part to the Chamber of Secrets. This is going to be shorter than the Philosophers Stone but i'm going to try make it good nonetheless!

So you've finally returned to Hogwarts after missing 2 months of school and you are thrown into another dangerous adventure straight away! Polyjuice potion, rogue bludgers....so much happening!

Created by: spotty dinosaur
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  1. You returned home and got ready to go back to Hogwarts the next day. In the morning you said goodbye to your mum and followed your dad outside. “Ready _____?” Your father asked. “Yeah, I think so.” You said back to him nervously, this was your first time apparating anywhere. “Don’t worry _____, we’ll arrive at Hogsmede and we’ll walk to the castle.” He said and you took his hand; there was a popping noise and next thing you know you were at Hogsmede. You and your dad walked to the entrance of Hogwarts together and then you said your goodbyes. You watched him walk away, once he disapparated, you walked into the castle and tried to find Professor McGonagall, your head of house.
  2. You eventually found McGonagall; you explain to her that Professor Dumbledore gave you permission to be off school for 2 months and that you‘ll be staying for Christmas. She added your name to the list of people staying during Christmas, handed you your timetable and warned you to be careful when walking about the castle. You took your timetable and looked at her slightly confused, then left. Why would you need to be careful when walking about the castle? You discarded the thought quickly and walked to your common room to put your stuff away; on the way there though there was only one person that you could tell straight away that you were back, Draco. “Draco, where are you? I’ve just arrived at Hogwarts.” You asked him mentally. “You’re back! You’ve missed quite a lot, I would tell you what’s happened but I’m sure Potter will want to inform you first. I’m at the Black Lake actually with Crabbe, Goyle and Parkinson.” He thought back to you. “Parkinson?! Why her?!” You said in disgust. Pansy Parkinson was a Slytherin and everyone knew that she absolutely loved Draco. “She’s started to hang around us; always talking to me in that annoying little voice of hers. It’s horrible.” “Well, stay by the lake; I’ll be there in a couple of minutes.” “Ok.”
  3. After you put away your things you headed down to the Black Lake to see Draco. You saw him lying in the tree, his legs dangling off one side of the branch, talking to Crabbe and Goyle who were standing on the ground. You scan the area for Pansy but you couldn’t see her, she must have just left with her friends, not that you cared though-you were glad that she left. You walked casually, but quietly, up to the tree and stood there for a while thinking about whether you should grab his legs and try pull him off the tree. You decided against it. “Mind if I come up?” You asked him. He sat up from lying down and looked at you upon hearing your voice. “____!” Draco cried, jumped down from the branch and hugged you. “Now imagine how different that would have been if we were sitting in the tree.” He continued. “Very different. It would have been an awkward hug...” You said peering over Draco’s shoulders to Crabbe and Goyle who were still standing there. “And wow Draco, you’ve changed since I last saw you.” You said looking at him up and down. It was true, he had changed quite a bit; he’d grown a lot from the small first year that he used to be but wasn’t that much taller, his hair was still gelled back and quite blonde but there were small white patches of hair appearing on his head. “Not just me.” Draco said looking at you with a small smile. It’s true, you had gotten taller too and your hair has gotten longer. “Oh! There’s something that I wanted to tell you, before you left. Guess who the new Slytherin Seeker is?!” He said looking proudly in the distance. You put on a thinking face and said, “Crabbe?!” Draco looked at you suddenly to see if you were serious but you were smirking. “This doesn’t have anything to do with Harry being the Gryffindor Seeker does it?” “Maybe...” He winked. “Thought so... Well good luck at your first match tomorrow, I’ve got to go now. Bye.” You said and walked off.
  4. You soon found Harry, Ron and Hermione in the castle. They had changed too; Hermione had grown a bit and her hair wasn’t bushy anymore, just slightly curly, Ron was a bit taller than Harry now and his face had changed, Harry wasn’t a small scrawny boy anymore and his face too had changed. You ran up to them, although they hadn’t noticed you yet because once again, they were caught up in their own discussion. You reached the three of them as Hermione said, “Even they aren’t that thick....But there might be another way.” “Another way to do what?” You asked. “______, you’re back!” Hermione said hugging you. “Hi! Yeah I’m back, so....what have I missed?” you excitedly asked. “Well.....” Hermione said, almost considering if she should say. “I heard a voice, one that only I can hear, yesterday night and then we found Mrs Norris petrified. There was writing on the wall too; it said that the Chamber of Secrets had been opened...” Harry said. “We suspect that Malfoy’s behind it.” Ron proudly stated. “Wait-wait. The Chamber of Secrets?” You asked. “You should have been in History of Magic, we discussed it in there. Salazar Slytherin believed that magical learning should be kept in pure-blood families; but he wasn’t able to convince the others about his ideas so he left the school. Before Salazar left it is said that he built a hidden chamber in the castle known as the Chamber of Secrets; shortly before he left, he sealed it saying that it will be opened when his heir returns to the school. Only his true heir would be able to reopen it and release the monster that is contained inside it that will purge the school of all students who weren’t worthy to study at Hogwarts.” Hermione explained to you. Your heart sunk; you were one of the students that Salazar Slytherin believed not to be worthy of magical learning, if the chamber really had been opened-you could be one of the students that the monster would purge.
  5. “Wait....you think Dra- Malfoy opened the Chamber?” You said slowly trying to make sense of it yourself. “Yes. There is only one way that we’ll be able to find out for sure; but it’ll be difficult, not to mention that we’ll be breaking about 50 school rules and it’ll be dangerous, very dangerous.” Hermione said. “Well we have to know for sure if it’s him.” Harry said. “Well, we have to go to the library then.” And she walked quickly off to the library, followed by the rest of you. Once at the library the three of you went to a place where no one could over-hear you or disrupt your plans, while Hermione went to go look at the bookcases for a specific book. She returned after a couple of minutes with the book open, “Here it is. The Polyjuice Potion. Properly brewed the Polyjuice Potion allows the drinker to transform himself temporarily into the physical form of another.” Hermione stated. “You mean if Harry and I drink that stuff, then we’ll turn into Crabbe and Goyle?!” Ron said excitedly. “Yes.” “That’s brilliant. Malfoy will tell us anything.” “Exactly, but I’ve never seen a more complicated potion.” “How long will it take to make?” Harry asked suddenly concerned. “A month.” “A month! But Hermione!” Harry said quite loudly before quieting his voice into a whisper, “if Malfoy really is the heir of Slytherin, he could attack half of all the muggle-borns in the school by then.” “I know...but it’s the only plan that we’ve got.” Hermione said sadly. “Plan....Plan...something about a plan.....Oh! That’s it! Oliver wanted to see me when I got back to talk to me about the new Quidditch plan.” You thought to yourself. “Umm...Do any of you know where Oliver is...?” You asked the three of them. They looked at you strangely, wondering why you want to know. “He said that he wanted to talk to me about the new Quidditch plans...” You added. Harry was the only one that looked like he knew what you were on about, after all he was on the team too, “Try the Quidditch pitch; he’s almost always on there.” Harry said. You said thanks to him and good luck to Hermione because she was the one that was making the potion, then left to go to the Quidditch pitch.
  6. Of course, he was there. Oliver was flying around the pitch on his broom but soon landed when he noticed you were standing there. “You look so natural flying on your broom, like...you was meant to play Quidditch.” He just smiled and asked how the wedding was. “You’re actually the first person who has asked me that; and it was good, very nice thanks. So what about those new Quidditch plans you wanted to tell me about?” “Well, I’m playing Harry tomorrow against Slytherin but next match it’ll be you, I promise.” “Is that it? That’s not really plans Oliver, more like A plan, but that’s OK. So, what do you think about this Chamber of Secrets stuff?” Oliver seemed taken off guard by the question, “What do you know about the Chamber of Secrets ____?” He asked curiously. “I know enough to know that if it really has been opened, then I’m not safe....not just me either Hermione, Harry...” “Me...” Oliver joined in, “Look _____, only Mrs Norris has been petrified so far; there are lots of half-bloods here, there’s only a small chance that it’s either of us, but promise me you’ll be careful, I’m sure attacks on students will be happening soon...” “You’ll be careful too though, won’t you? I promise I will... it would be a whole lot easier though if I knew what the monster looked like....” “Yeah...” “Well, I better be going. Good luck at Quidditch tomorrow, watch out for bludgers!” You called back to him as you walked away.
  7. You found Harry, Ron and Hermione in the Great Hall for dinner and sat with them. From across the table you saw Neville, he had gotten taller just like everyone else and wasn’t that chubby anymore. “So...” Hermione said in a whisper, “I’ve been thinking about the Polyjuice Potion, we need to know who we’re changing in to. Harry, Ron you’re changing into Crabbe and Goyle, I’ll be changing into Millicent Bulstrode and ______ I thought that you should change into Pansy Parkinson.” “Parkinson! No way!” You said in a loud whisper. “Oh come on _____, you’ve seen Parkinson, she’s always hanging around with Malfoy now, she’s perfect-Malfoy would tell her as much as he would Crabbe and Goyle-even more!” Ron protested. “Fine...” You said annoyed, “Do I have to act like her?” “Of course! Malfoy would never believe it’s really them if you don’t!” Hermione said. “But...but...but she’s always so close to him!” You complained. They just shrugged as if they didn’t care if you held his hand or hugged him whilst you were pretending to be Pansy. “You better be thankful when the time comes.” You sighed. “Good. I’ll start making the potion tomorrow.” Hermione said. After dinner you went back to your common room being careful on the way, like you promised Oliver that you would do.
  8. Quidditch was early the next morning and you were standing in the stands with Ron and Hermione. Draco was doing well but neither he nor Harry had seen the snitch yet and Gryffindor was losing 30-90. You could see that Oliver was trying to block the Quaffle from going in the hoops but it just wasn’t his day; it seemed that Slytherin were playing fairly today only because they hadn’t hit a bludger at anyone yet like the Quidditch match last year. Harry was hovering in the middle of the pitch looking for the snitch as Draco flew up beside him. From where you were standing, it looked like Draco had said something to Harry; “Forget about Harry, Draco, look for the snitch.” You had to remind him mentally. Suddenly a bludger shot straight up towards Harry’s face, luckily he moved out the way just in time. The bludger went straight into the sky past Harry; Oliver pulled up near Harry and seemed to say something to him as well but unfortunately Oliver didn’t see that the bludger was coming back the way it had come and smashed into the front of his broom knocking him out the sky. “He has such bad luck with bludgers.” You thought to yourself. You saw some people take him to the hospital probably, but you didn’t go to see if he was OK, you knew he was fine, it wasn’t like last year when the bludger actually hit him and not his broom.
  9. Once the bludger hit Oliver’s broom it went straight for Harry again, he tried to fly out of its way but just followed him-something wasn’t right with the bludger. Hagrid was watching Harry, with his binoculars, flying all over the pitch while the bludger sped after him, “Blimey! Harry’s got a rogue bludger. That’s been tampered with that has!” Hagrid called out. “I’ll stop it.” Ron said pointing his wand that for some reason looked like it had been stuck together with sellotape. “No!” Hermione said lowering Ron’s hand, “Even with a proper wand it’s too risky-you might hit Harry.” Meanwhile Harry was swerving everywhere, the bludger was crashing into the stands, but eventually it seemed like the bludger had stopped following him. Draco pulled up near Harry again and said something to him but he didn’t notice that the snitch had just appeared by his head but Harry did. “Draco! The snitch! By your head!” You told him; immediately he started looking around himself. Suddenly the bludger returned and they both quickly got out of its way. While Draco was distracted Harry took the opportunity to fly towards the snitch, Draco noticed and flew after him. Draco elbowed him out of the way and stretched his arm out to try and grab it, but the snitch dived under the foundations still followed by both of them and the bludger. They completely disappeared from sight; occasionally popping up for a second then going back under, then suddenly Draco appeared falling on the pitch with his broom close behind; the wind had been completely knocked out of him. This just left Harry trying to catch the snitch on his own, his arm was outstretched desperately reaching for it but suddenly the rogue bludger appeared again and smashed into his arm. He clutched it close to his body and stretched his other arm out, he twisted upside down on his broom and from what it looked like to you-he caught it before falling on his back on the ground. He just laid there while you Ron, Hermione and Hagrid decided to leave the stands to go see him. “Harry Potter has caught the snitch! Gryffindor wins!” you heard the commentator call out as you all rushed to where Harry was on the pitch. Once again the bludger appeared and threw itself at Harry 3 times before Hermione said, “Finite incantatem!” and destroyed the bludger.
  10. “Are you OK?” You said as you knelt by his side. “No, I think my arm’s broken.” Harry said wincing. “Not to worry Harry I will fix that arm of yours straight away.” A Professor said as he took his broken arm. You guessed that this was the new defence against the dark arts teacher since what happened with Professor Quirrell last year; you recognised his face though-it was Gilderoy Lockhart, a famous wizard who has accomplished a lot of amazing things. “No...Not you.” Harry said sounding worried. You were confused why he would be nervous; Gilderoy Lockhart is a great wizard. “The boy doesn’t know what he’s saying...” Gilderoy said pulling up the sleeve on Harry’s Quidditch cloak and jumper, “This....won’t hurt a bit. Brackium Emendo!” He then picked up Harry’s arm and instead of mending the bone-he seemed to have removed it altogether and Harry’s arm flopped about in his hand like rubber. Harry seemed alarmed and everyone else was grossed out, “Ah, ha, yes...well...that can sometimes happen. But...umm...the point is....you can no longer feel pain...” Lockhart said whilst bending Harry‘s hand back so far that it would have been impossible if he had bones in his arm, “And the bone is clearly not broken.” “Broken?! There’s no bone left!” Hagrid said outraged. “Yes but much more flexible though...” “We should take him to madam Pomfrey.” You said. Hagrid picked Harry up and carried him to the hospital followed by everyone else.
  11. She told you to put him on a bed while she went to go get something. In the hospital you saw Draco lying on a bed groaning with Crabbe, Goyle and two people from the Quidditch team probably sent to make sure that he’s OK because they were talking some distance away from his bed. “You OK? Quite some fall you had there...” You asked him mentally. He stopped groaning and looked at you standing by Harry’s bed, “Yeah I’m fine...” He mouthed to you. Madam Pomfrey soon came rushing back towards Harry’s bed and told Draco that he can leave, “Should have been brought straight to me. I can mend bones in a heartbeat but growing them back....!” “You will be able to do it won’t you?” You asked. “Oh I’ll be able to, certainly, but it’s going to be painful...” She said as she poured Harry a glass of Skele-Gro and handed it to him, “You’re in for a rough night Potter. Re-growing bones is a nasty business...” Harry took a mouthful of the medicine but spat it out because of how horrible it tasted. “Well what do you expect?! Pumpkin juice?!” Madam Pomfrey said as she took the cup back and then shooed you all out of the hospital. You said bye to Harry and walked out of the hospital with everyone else, you were going to go help Hermione brew the Polyjuice potion but Oliver pulled you aside wanting to speak with you.
  12. So this is the end of part one of the Chamber of Secrets. I'm going to make the Chamber of secrets shorter than the Philosophers Stone so i can get onto 3rd year quicker. I would have found an excuse to completely skip 2nd year-but i really wanted to do the Polyjuice Potion!

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