Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets Quiz!!!!

there are many people go to [no urls] but you look this quiz, and opened. can you do it? true? i'm not so sure, but it's okay, you can play it with safe. okay?

there many people read Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets. but not all of them remember the story, so before you play this, quiz, read the book, and remember it, okay?

Created by: ToPotter
  1. not for the first time fracas exploded at the home dinner table numbur four privet drive. Mr Vernon Dursley previously been woken at dawn by the sound of loud hoot-hoot of rooms nephew, Harry. What sequel?
  2. Harry explained about Dobby and the Dursley(to Hagrid). what sequel?
  3. but Harry grinned as he said,"is the greatest home once i'd gone(when Harry at Ron home)what sequel?
  4. nonsense, said Hermione. you've read his books__ see extraodinary things he's done... (when Hermione and Ron Lockhart debate) what sequel?
  5. what Draco say to Hermione when they want to exercise quiddicth?
  6. okay harry? ask Colin
  7. listen, said Harry. with you two flying around me all the time, the only possibility I caught snicth is when snicthnya go into my sleeve, said Harry. back to the other and let the mad Bludger I worked alone. (When harry dealing with crazy Bludgers, and the Weasley twins are always nearby) what the fred say?
  8. with what Harry killed the Basilisk?
  9. who arepetrified first?
  10. what kind of broomstick team Quiddicth Slytherin wear?
  11. whether crossbar station closed when harry and ron want to go?
  12. whether Ginny affected diary?
  13. DOES Mr, Weasley has a flying car?
  14. what to call the language of snake?
  15. does mrs. weasley fuss socks Harry when harry was at home Weasley family?

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