Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets-Very Difficult

This quiz was invented by my own brilliant brain!!! So are you a Harry Potter fangirl?? Well if you are then take the dang quiz! Can you live up to my name? Well lets see!

Blah blah blah yak yak yak who cares about paragraph two? You do? Well I don't care!! Blah blah blah!!!!! Whaaaaaa whaaaa blah blah blah kay kay kay kay!

Created by: harryswife

  1. Helllllloooooo! So anyways, in chapter 1, Harry has to do what chorse for Aunt Petunia?
  2. In chapter 1, at what time do the Dursleys need to be in position for their dinner party with the masons?
  3. In chapter 2, what color are Dobby's eyes?
  4. In chapter 2, what did Uncle Vernon do to Harry's room?
  5. In chapter 3, who is driving the car to save Harry?
  6. In chapter 3, Harry sits where in the Ford Angela?
  7. In chapter 4, how many books from Gilderoy Lockharts collection do Hogwarts students need?
  8. In chapter 4, when Harry travels to knockturn alley, Harry sees the hand of what?
  9. In chapter 6, what did Mrs.Weasly made Harry what for his last evening dessert?
  10. In chapter 6, what was the first thing that Harry suggested happened to Snape when they were looking into the great hall window?
  11. In chapter 7, what is the name for a mandrake?
  12. In chapter 7, what is Gilderoy Lockhart's ideal gift?
  13. In chapter 8, when did Harry first hear the voice within the walls of the school?
  14. In chapter 8, what time was Harry released from detention?
  15. In chapter 9, what was Harry accused of doing by Filch?
  16. In chapter 9, what is the name of the orginization from turning squibs into fully capable wizards, that Filch was participating in?
  17. In chapter 10, what is the potion described by Dumbledore to revive Mrs. Norris?
  18. In chapter 10, who tells the students about the Chamber, and what are they teaching when they are rudely interuppted by Hermione?
  19. In chapter 10, how many bones does Harry have to regrow by morning?
  20. In chapter 11, what kind of curse does Draco put on Harry at the dueling club?
  21. In chapter 11, who is petrified first? Nearly Headless Nick or Justin Finch Fletchley?
  22. In chapter 11, who is petrified first? Nearly Headless Nick or Justin Finch Fletchley?
  23. In chapter 12, Hermione was supposed to turn into who when she drank the Polyjuice Potion?
  24. In chapter 12, who do Ron and Harry ask for directions to the Slytherin Common room?
  25. In chapter 13, who is petrified this time? (Hint: this chapter was the chapter when Ginny sent Harry a Valentines day card)
  26. In chapter 13, Harry and Ron go to Moaning Myrtles bathroom, how many points if you throw the book through her head?
  27. In chapter 14, they found what next to Hermione when she was petrified, what was it and who was petrified along with her?
  28. In chapter 14, Hagrid is accused of re-opening the Chamber, who accuses him?
  29. In chapter 15, how do they reach Aragog's web?
  30. In chapter 15, the name of Aragog's wife is mentioned, who is it?
  31. In chapter 16, Professor McGonagle makes an announcement in front of the great hall, what was the first thing people believed she would tell them?
  32. In chapter 16, where do Harry and Ron hide in the staff room when the meeting is being held?
  33. In chapter 17, what did we find out Ginny wrote on the walls with?
  34. In chapter 17, how is the basilisk still able to locate Harry even after Fawkes stabbed it's eyes?
  35. In chapter 18, Mr. Malfoy tries to cast what spell on Harry for setting Dobby free?
  36. In chapter 18, who do we find out wins the house cup?
  37. CHALLENGE QUESTION: How is a basilisk hatched?

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