How well do you know Harry Potter

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The Harry Potter plot is wonderfully complex. Do you know all the little details of the series? This quiz is about little details from the books (DIFFICULT).

Are you truly a Potterhead? Do you have the entire series on your head? Do you remember who died, who who killed? Take this quick quiz and find out (DIFFICULT).

Created by: Blissy
  1. Who died right before Harry's 16th birthday?
  2. Who helped Kreacher on the quest to track Draco Malfoy's movements for Harry Potter in 1996?
  3. Who owns Grunnings?
  4. Who killed Fred?
  5. How did George lose his ear (which spell)?
  6. Who did it?
  7. Which pet died on 1994's Easter?
  8. Who was defeated by Filius Flitwick?
  9. Who gave Hermione, Ron and Harry access to the 'Moste Potente Potions' book?
  10. The first owner of the Elder Wand:

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Harry Potter