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  • Thanks! I've just taken your quiz(can't remember who I got) but I loved it! I know I love Oliver too but it's between him and Draco

    spotty dinosaur
  • I was actually gonna suggest that "I" get petrified after catching up- then I realized "I" already am!

  • I LOVED IT! "I'm" petrified?!?!1??! WHY??!?!?!?!? awww well I hope I revive soon and Draco didn't know "I" was a half blood? Well that explains why he was so nice other than he's one of the results so he has to be... Anyway again I loved it!

  • This is awesome!! Keep going my friend ;) I love Oliver.

    (part 5 of my HP series is out,just to tell ya ;D)

  • POST NEXT PART NOW!!! Quick-before I die of suspense!!!


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