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  • I only have one problem. You stopped writing! :(

    LOL, omggg. The tracker part! I laughed!

    Mason secretly cares for "me"! But he's putting up a bad boy image! asdfghjkl, hurry up and get the next part as soon as possible! Omg, sherlock! I love him :') I'm looking for the BBC series but I can't find it!

    Thanks for the shoutout! :')
    Anytime, I'm happy to help! x

  • Thank you :) Ever since my friend introduced me to Sherlock. I am not obsessed. Everytime I see Sherlock I'm like to my friend "Benedict is mine. You will never have him. End of. " YEEAAHH..I'M obsessed..

  • Awesome part and I soooo would've three that dictionary at Mason :P

  • Haha same :) "TAKE THAT BURGULAR!!" starts hitting Mason repeatly. "AHHHHH...wait a second....whoops.."


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