love less part two

Hello people and may I welcome you to part two! If you weren't able to read my first you'll be a little lost so read it and comment if you like it. Hope you like my quiz!!

hot guys: Derek-dark sexy emo, Jack-popular handsome jock, Ian-black leather jacket wearing hottie, and Jay-the quiet handsome normal seeming guy. They all seem to have something to hide. Find out what it is.

Created by: Mackenzie

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  1. "Alright, I'll tell you," Jay says. Just then, the tardy bell rings and Jay runs off saying, "I'm late!" You stand there for a moment and then turn and accidentally run into Jack; the tall, blond, handsome jock you met earlier. "Hi," he says. You say hi back and he says, "Want me to walk you to your next class?" You...?
  2. He walks you to class and both of you enter the classroom because he's in the same class. You take the last open seat by, not Jack, but Ian. He smiles and winks at you. You take the seat and awkwardly move a little away from him. "What's wrong?" he asked. He pulls your chair as close to him as possible and puts his arm around you. You...?
  3. Luckily, the teacher looks over and says, "Ian! Now what have I told you about flirting with girls while I'm teaching?!" You breathe a sigh of relief, until Ian replies, "I know, I know. No flirting unless my grades are good enough that they can stand my adolescence." "And what's your grade?" the teacher asks. "B plus," he replies. Your eyes widen and he grins at you. "All right then," says the teacher, "Carry on." He begins teaching and Ian starts making out with you. You...?
  4. Ian's making out with you and just as you're about to say something, the bell rings. You head out of class, away from Ian, and run as fast as you can to your locker. The day's almost over and you've got to classes left You wander around until you find your next class. The class is almost half over and you walk in saying, "Sorry I'm late. I had a really hard time finding my class." The teacher replies that it's ok and assigns you a seat. Your breath catches when you see who it's by-- Jay! He gulps when he sees you. You sit next to him and class goes on. You write him a note on a piece of paper that says: So what was it you're going to tell me? You pass it to him when the teacher isn't looking and he write back saying: I'm not normal. You look over at him and he gives you a shy grin. You...?
  5. What do you mean you're not normal? you write. He writes: Now is not a good time. I'll tell you after school. The bell rings and he's gone in a flash as you read what he wrote. You head out of the classroom and try to spot him but he's no where in sight. You reluctantly head to your last class. You're able to get there on time and sit down next to Derek. He smiles and says, "Don't forget about our plans after school." Before you can say anything the late-bell rings and class begins. You try to pay attention to what the teacher's talking about but are unable to because of the uneasiness you're feeling about seeing a movie later with Derek. When the class is almost over, Derek whispers, "I'll walk you home _______, to drop of your stuff and then we can catch a movie." You say, "How are we going to get there? Walk?" "No, my car is parked in front of your house." "How do you know where I live?" you ask. He just laughs. You are...?
  6. The bell rings and he puts his arm around you as you both walk out the door. You go to your locker and get your books and backpack and leave the school. Your house is only two blocks away so you both walk there. He has his arm around you and you notice his skin is as cold as ice. "Why're you so cold?" you ask. He smiles and says nothing. "Ian made-out with me," you suddenly blurt out. Derek laughs and says, "Yeah, he does that to all the girls I fall in love with." He looks away. You...?
  7. You make it to your house, glad your parents aren't home and Derek says, "Put on something nice, okay? I want you to look your best!" You say nothing and go up to your room. You look through your clothes and pick out a cute dress and shoes. You go into your bathroom and change and then come out into your room again. You hear your door close and turn towards it. Nothing is there so you relax until you sense something. You turn again and there, sitting on your bed is Jay. "I thought you wanted to talk after school," he said. You just stare at him with your mouth wide open with surprise at his being there. "I told you I'm not normal," he began. "Well you're probably wondering how I got in here so fast."
  8. He continues before you say anything, "Well you want to know the truth. Here it goes." He seems afraid to tell you but says, "Well, I have a power. I have super speed."
  9. Your jaw drops. (if it was already dropped then it drops further) "I'm telling the truth," he says. "Watch." He disappeared and you hear him say, "Look," from behind you. You quickly turn around and he grabs you around the waist and suddenly you're lying flat on your bed with him on top of you, his hand covering your mouth. "You can't let Derek know I'm here," he says. He uncovers your mouth and strokes your cheek gently. "Whatever he tells you, don't believe him. Don't let him get to close to you, and I mean that other than physically." He looks serious and he says, "He has a power like me. I'm not sure what it is yet, but I don't want to find out. I also think you may have one too, or Ian wouldn't be as persistent as he is." You...?
  10. "Wait, what?" you say. "Ian, Derek, what?!" He just looks at you with bright blue eyes. "Jay!" you say and he snaps out of it. "Sorry," he says, "It's just that you're the prettiest girl I've ever seen." "Um, thanks but can you please explain all of this and get off of me?!" He makes no move and you both just look at each other. "Well Ian can tell if someone has powers by kissing them. That's why he's always kissing girls. The ones with powers are the ones he's with the longest because he drains some of their powers from them every time they kiss." You nod slowly. "I'm pretty sure your power is...
  11. So who do you like the most?

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