Who will you love? part 11

♥ you couldn't leave the guys could you? Even if one is a vampire another can be a complete jek and another is a cold blooded murderer? After all you've been through with them could you leave, or can't your heart take it? ♥

I'm sorry i'm taking so long to put these quizes on (i hope they're worth it!) i will try to make them more frequent. I love to hear feedback, why you like/dislike people etc. Please comment & tell me who you love! ♥ ♥ ♥

Created by: Alethea

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  1. you wake up ready to go! today is your day with Conner, you decide to wear...
  2. Once you're dressed you go to get breakfast, it's quite early so you're suprised to see Blake already up making everyones breakfast whilest drinking from a bottle filled with a dark red substance but you cant see it properly because the bottle is black. But you have a pretty good idea that it's blood. Blake smiles at you as you enter. "What would you like to eat this morning?"
  3. He nods and gets what you want. "I'm so tired, i couldn't sleep. Nightmares." He says running his fingers through his hair. "you sleep? I thought cos of the whole vampire thing..." you say curiously. Blake laughs. "you've been reading too much twilight, i do sleep. Now if you'll exuse me i'm still working on who poisoned you so i'd better get back to it." He leaves and Theo comes in. you greet him by saying..
  4. "Listen _____, i want you to meet me on the balcony in 5 minutes it's important." He leaves quickly. you finish your breakfast and take your plate/glass to the sink but you drop it and it shatters everywhere!!!
  5. you attempt to clear it up but there's no use there's glass everywhere a shard gets in your foot. "OOWWWWWW!!" you yell. you're getting very angry when something odd happens... When you breathe out you can see a beautiful shimmering gas in the air. you touch it with your hand and it's ice cold, but then the whole atmosphere seems cold. you gasp and see more of your ice cold breathe. you run to the balcony thinking..
  6. you run onto the balcony where he's doing flips he hears you enter and gasps. His glasses are next to you on the table. there is one mirror, you look at it and see Theo's eyes. "Don't look at me!!!" he screams turning away. "Relax, it's only your reflexion it won't harm me." you say.
  7. He sighs and turns toward the mirror again. He has possibly the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen, they're big, midnight blue with large pupils, they're so enchanting. Seeing them in a mirror is not enough, you manage to pull your eyes away from his eyes and focus on his face, he looks afraid, he has a perfect nose, his lips are parted slightly, his dark hair is drooping over his eyes slightly, his fists are curled up tightly. He turns away "that's enough. Can you pass me my glasses?" you reach over and take his black sunglasses from the side,he puts them on still facing away from you.
  8. He faces you. "Please sit, i have something to tell you." he says. you nod and sit. He sighs, "I'm not quite sure how to say this but i want you to run away with me, it's not safe here with Conner..."
  9. "there are things you don't know about him. Here look." He puts a hand against your cheek. you watch the memories, you see Conner his eyes narrowed and hands soaked in blood, then you see him singing to a beautiful girl forcing her to stab herself he smiles as the blood pours onto him. you then see him making another pretty girl stab herself in the chest and he then takes out her heart and... the memory fades everything is black and you hear Theo's voice, "Do you see now _____, Conner killed people. None of the other guys know it because he has existed waaay before their time even before me. But something happened, there was another girl people called her the most beautiful girl in the world so Conner persued her but she knew he was a killer so she killed him first, now this is the strange bit. He never died, the Conner you know now is known as a 'lost soul' doomed to walk the earth forever. Conner belives he should hve gone to hell but that doesn't explain his 'heavenly' wings since the 'damned' souls aren't supposed to have them. Conner is bad for you, he's a cold-blooded killer with no mercy. I swear to you i have changed, i want what's best for you."
  10. "Get your stuff together." He says. you nod and go to your room. When you're packing you see the necklace Conner gave you, you put it in your bag and shed a tear. theo is waiting outside you door and you both run down the stairs and just when you're about to leave Blake runs in and yells "_____, i have something to tell you!". the guys see your packed bag and look upset you look at them one by one.
  11. Blake. His jaw has dropped but he says nothing, his fists are clenched. His eys are darting back and forth between you and theo, he looks at you heartboken and gives theo a look as if to say 'Please. Anyone but her. Anyone'.
  12. Gavin. His lips are pressed together tightly to stop himself from screaming for you not to go, his eyes look slightly childish and scared like he's being abandoned.
  13. Seth. He's trying not to cry, the thought he'll never see you again is unbearable. He has his arm stretched out wishing you'd take his hand and stay. 'Please don't leave me..'
  14. Conner. His eyes look empty, he's completely destroyed. But you can't seem to get the image of the blood-stained killer out your head. He mouths 'I'm Sorry'.
  15. Theo takes your hand and you both leave saying nothing. One thing is holding you back...

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