Who will you love? part 6

Ok! If you havent done the other 5 of these quizes you really wont get his sooo Go and do them!!!! ^-^ comments are always appreciated & loved. tell me who you love! Spread the love! ♥ ♥ ♥

If you have been doing these quizes then yay! welcome back! & i have sent the rabid racoons back in the post for you, unfortunately they read the rest of the story so attention all racoons "SHHHHHHHH" thankies! Okkk i'll let you get on with it! :D

Created by: Alethea
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  1. you are about to read the note when you hear footsteps along the corridoor, you panic and quickly stuff the note in your pocket. Seth comes into the room and asks "Umm _____, what are you doing in Gavin's room?"
  2. Whatever answer you gave he doesnt seem to believe you but he doesnt persue it. "Well it's lunch now, do you want something to eat?". In all the commotion you didnt realise you're hungry so you nod and follow Seth into the beautiful dining room, Blake is playing sweet music on the piano whilest Gavin is digging into his bacon sandwich. the table is full of food, what do you choose?
  3. Seth looks at you concerned over the table. you depart quickly and go to your room, only to be followed by Seth. "Listen _____ whatever's going on you can tell me. I hate seeing you like this." he strokes your cheek lightly with one hand the other still holding your hand. He can see the impatient paniked look in your eye and sighs. "I guess i'll never be what you want, i'll never be like Conner..." he stares into your eyes momenteraly before heading off, his head hanging low and hands in his pockets. you're thinking....
  4. you look at Seth for a moment, not sure what to say.you decide to let him leave in silence. At last your alone and take the two halves of paper out your pocket...
  5. you read the note: Dear _____, Im so sorry i left but you can't understand how easily i could have hurt Gavin. I knew i would regret it later. I cannot begin to explain how unbearable it's going to be without seeing your beautiful smile light up my day. I wont be gone long, i promise. I won't go long without you, it feels so different since you have come, i feel so much happier. I have some things i have to work out... I'm not too far so do not worry about me, i should be more worried about you in that house with Gavin ;) . I hope you are having fun with your power. I miss you. Sweet Dreams. Conner
  6. you stare at the note taking it all in when a thought comes to mind... 'Gavin didnt want me to read this. this beautiful goodbye note from Conner.' you remember what you heard him say in his memory 'Alls fair in Love and War'. But how could he? you suddenly feel very...
  7. you feel very angry and decide to get the truth out of Gavin! So you run downstairs into the dining room where Gavin is now melting toy soldiers on the table, you yell at him...
  8. His jaw drops meanwhile Seth and Blake are at the other side of the room in complete amazment. they seem rooted to the spot. Gavin also looks paralysed, none of the guys dare say a word.
  9. you get so angry all you can think about is hurting Gavin when OMG Wtf IS that!?!?!?!? Blake and Seth gasp and Gavin looks unable to breathe...
  10. Cliffhanger... No rabid racoons or skunks please ^-^ Okkkk who do you love???

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Quiz topic: Who will I love? part 6