Do You have Common Knowledge?

Do you have common knowledge? You should, since it's a very important thing in life. If you don't, well, you're up the creek. So the lesson here is to have common knowledge.

This is just so that I can level up before my bar goes down again, if it will go down again. Better sage than sorry. I meant safe, not sage, but sage is good.

Created by: dragonsfire

  1. 2+2?
  2. What's 'indubitably' mean? (you'd better know this one)
  3. Where is America?
  4. You step in poison ivy! What do you do?
  5. What do you do if a lightbulb goes out?
  6. Are daddy long legs dangerous to humans?
  7. Yeah, I'm tired, it's midnight, I've got nothing else. The rest are fillers.
  8. Zippity-do-da! Zippity-ay!
  9. Mr. Blue Bird's on my shoulder . . .
  10. Zippity-do-da! Zippity-ay!

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Quiz topic: Do I have Common Knowledge?